Day One – Special day

Today is a very special day and so I decided to wake up with a treat! As I am currently living in Chelsea, London I practically have Carluccio as my neighbour! (No not the actual Antonio Carluccio – although I do wish I could go and borrow a cup of sugar and a cake everyday) So I went and got my daily coffee and a fresh warm croissant. Still being crispy from the outside while dipping it in the hot coffee, walking home with the sun on my face, moment of happiness.



Having had a super busy day we decided to go out for dinner in Brixton. After much walking and shivering – as London gives you unannounced Antarctica weather some days, we found a little Japanese restaurant in a side road.


As advised by the sweet young waitress we got two of the signature dishes, the Okan special Okonomiyaki (a savoury pancake – classic Osaka street food) and the vegetarian version served with tofu. Both are highly recommended!! The flavours were amazingly compensated and were balanced nicely with the sweet plum wine (also highly recommended if you want to fall of your chair at the end of the night as you didn’t notice your last 5 plum juices actually had alcohol in them).  Nevertheless, having left with a slight oily taste in our mouths after finishing our plates, I do recommend you giving the place a visit, even if it is for the plum wine!


Elderflower ginger tea and Plum wine




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