Favourite magazine + lots and lots of coffee.



Todays words were coffee, coffee, work and more coffee!

The reason for my large amount of coffee cravenness (apart from being a total coffee freak, no seriously, offer me a good espresso and il love you forever) is that I am extremely close to my final deadline! So making sure I have enough coffee stored up at home is an important deal right now!!

I like to wake up with a good warm cup of coffee, and to make my morning even more perfect I had my all time favourite magazine to read while sipping on this golden delight. Suitcase Magazine is the magazine that talks about all my passions in one, fashion, photography, food and travel! – I know right! When I first read it I couldn’t believe it either!! Trust me, once you read it you’ll be buying a new trendy bikini while getting your passport ready to check in for the next flight to an island somewhere in Bali.



After work work work, it was finally lunch time!! And what’s better than having sushi for lunch!! You can wake me up anytime for this tofu poke bowl and some avocado maki, anytime.



When your eye starts twitching you know you’ve been staring at a screen for too long, especially after having a caffeine overdose from all those coffee’s I have been downing today. Time to let that energy out by climbing on random walls upside down to then fall down on a matt while random people stare at you risking your life. No but honestly.. its so much fun and an amazing full body work out!! Every single time I go bouldering I leave exhausted, satisfied and happy as a child having completed that one route I couldn’t manage to do last time!! Definitely recommended for a fun and powerful workout!!

Today I went bouldering at the Climbing Arch in Chelsea. Wearing my favourite sport leggings in the whole wide world!! They are from a brand named Lululemon Athletica. Love love love them!!


4 thoughts on “Favourite magazine + lots and lots of coffee.

  1. Well if you need a partner or a NYC fashion photographer let me know 😜 I’ve been thinking to start one as well , but I’m not much of a writer 😔

      1. Hey let me know if you need a partner , I’ve been thinking about it myself . Check out magcloud , it’s a place to do just that .

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