Day three – I Feel Like Pizza Day

Having spend most of my day with my face pressed against my computer screen again we thought it was time for pizza. Because, there is nothing that pizza and red wine can’t solve, nothing. And a pizza that will definitely solve all your problems is a pizza from Franco Manca in London.  The sourdough is soft and airy, with that occasional crispy bite. The sweet tomato sauce giving you hints of garlic and oregano with every bite.  This is the pizza Marinara, a pizza from the streets of Naples. A simple, old school pizza which is made with rich flavours. Because sometimes, less really is more.

As seen in the picture, I may or may not of been prepared for pizza today… – Yes, yes I do own a shirt saying “I feel like pizza” and yes I may have put it on knowing I was going to get pizza, but I mean… we all know #pizzaislife.


T-Shirt from Forever 21 




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