Leica Q, where do I even start when trying to declare my love for you. I mean, have you seen what it is capable off?! The quality is just insane, it still amazes me every. single. day.

Whether you change the lens to macro and use it for a breakfast shot like I did this morning – my coffee and fresh croissant were AMAZING btw thank you for asking – , or when you want to take a picture of a plane which you believe is just a tiny bit too far away – yep like the image below! In every single condition, close, far, dark or light it will not let you down. Leica Q, will you stay with me forever?


I have a new obsession which is the brand Tada and Toy. They are a young and vibrant jewellery brand with some amazing designs! They were selling at the London Fashion Week this year and it was love at first sight! Lovely girls with a little crazy attitude make the brand stand out. I made another order today! Check them out!

Leica Q close up 
Leica Q long shot


Before today’s workout I had a vegan couscous salad full of nutrition and goodness to help me get energised! – Plus super low on calories but still filling! (For those who are getting their beach body ready but love food too much to starve themselves, this is a recipe for you!!)

I will post the recipe soon! So keep an eye out on my food section! Doesn’t it just look jummy though? Perfect for a sunny day like today!


What do you think?