Ca’puccino anyone?


So, let’s test if this ca’puccino really is the taste of Italy! I do have to admit, I have a weakness for cafe’s selling both coffee and books. There is a beauty about sitting down in comfortable chairs and picking up a book while sipping on your hot coffee.

Having sat down in large armchairs we ordered an espresso and a soya latte. When I say we it is my boyfriend and I, who happens to be Italian – so the perfect judge! The soya latte was hot, creamy and it had a subtle taste. But the amount off milk covered the taste of the coffee. The espresso is the real test! It is hard to impress a real Italian’s taste buds, but this did slightly disappoint us both. It had a bitter and watery taste to it and as much as I would like to brag about how good it was I am not going to lie, I have had better coffees.

Nevertheless, the cafe is beautifully designed and I will definitely pick up a book again soon! Just maybe with a tea this time!


Ca’ppuccino Westfield Shoppping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, London

What do you think?

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