You’ll never guess where I woke up this morning! – Maybe the title gives it away slightly, but it actually isn’t what you are thinking off! It’s a little further. Over the boarder actually. I woke up with a freshly made cup of coffee, looked outside, and saw the most stunning view. I woke up staring at the powerful green mountains, the deep blue reflections in the water, a sense of quietness hit me. I woke up staring at the beauty of lake Lugano.


windows airplane photoshop-1.jpg

London to Milan

As you have probably noticed, I have a (kind of worrying) passion for coffee. So Italy is coffee heaven for me! Todays coffee number 4 was drank in Lake Como. This beautiful place is what you would image a real Italian city to look like. Honestly, you have it all. The architecture, the community, the people, the food, the markets, the COFFEE! You can sense its warmth, you feel welcome.


Lake Como, Italy




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