Exploring Lugano


Misty mornings. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to go fly the drone and get some amazing shots of the clouds resting in between the mountains. And yet again, we were stunned about Lugano’s beauty. I don’t think I can ever get used to natures beauty, it’s full of surprises.

After our morning coffee, while the dog kept our feet warm, we decided to get the bike and go explore. As my boyfriend is Italian and lives here I have been to Lugano many times. But I will never be able to stop exploring. Every single time we discover something new, a new bar, a new road, a new view.


We stopped at a bar in a small road close to the Lake. Torta della nonna – the most light, creamy, crispy, and powdery sweetness you will ever taste. With the coffee short, strong and sweet it was perfect. I now understand why guys are such momma’s boys in Italy, why would you ever leave home if you can have this everyday?

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