Coffee, Ice cream and views

So what is the first thing you think of when you open your eyes in the morning? Exactly, COFFEE! Especially being in Italy this is the highlight of the day! – For a coffee freak like me at least. Wondering the streets in Como using your sense of smell as a guide. The smell of fresh croissants and coffee are leading you in. You walk in a small cafe as you cannot longer control yourself and now have a sense of desperation in your voice while ordering your croissant. Your first bite, warm and crispy. Your first sip, hot, smooth, first bitter but then sweet. Perfect, perfect is the only word to describe such flavours.

Are you a breakfast freak to? Go to Como. As we know Italian food is the most comforting, flavoursome and authentic cuisine with recipes going back generations. Untouched and beautiful. Much like it’s architecture. The beautiful roads and buildings, and although you will get lost in all the small streets you will get stunned by the beauty of each one of them.


Don’t even get me started on the ice-cream. What is a better way to enjoy the sun and the view by getting the most amazing ice-cream. It does not matter where you go in Italy to get yourself a good ice-cream, but keep your eyes out for the small authentic corner shops. Those are usually the best as there is a large chance they make their ice-cream themselves. If you are lucky it will be a family recipe, grandmothers ice-cream. If so, you have just won the lottery! Dig in to the most delicious ice-cream you have ever had!

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After an amazing weekend spend in the most amazing places with the most amazing people we flew back to London. When flying from Milan to London the view is always breathtaking. Make sure to always keep your face pressed against the window when approaching or leaving Milan airport, trust me, it’s worth it.



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