Next destination: ICELAND.

I like to begin my morning with a green smoothie, and whats a better place to go and get it than Whole Foods! They are freshly made, good quality and good quantity for their price, and always have amazing varieties! I decided to spice things up a bit and try something I have never tasted before! Champagne mango! It was mixed with baby leaf spinach, banana and almond milk and it had a beautiful smooth taste! Especially for the people that have to get used to green smoothies this is an amazing mix! – It didn’t taste green at all! Just smooth and delicious! – Of course you can also use a regular mango, I’m sure it’s just as delicious and much easier to find!


Whole Foods, Fulham Broadway, London

With a green smoothy in one hand and the map of Iceland in the other I sat down and investigated the island. Iceland has always been one of my dream destinations! And finally having bought the tickets we are now preparing our road trip to explore the island! We decided to go old-school and use a map to go on a full explorer mode and discover all its beautiful places! – So guys, if any of you have any tips on what we should see or do PLEASE leave a comment! Would love to get an opinion from a fellow explorer!



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