Best freshly brewed coffee in London

Best freshly brewed coffee in London

Only 6 days left and I will be on a plane on my way to Iceland! So here I am making a list making sure I wont forget anything. Until I realise, I don’t have a backpack. – Well thats not going to get me far. So I decided to go on a backpack hunt in London! An obvious area to go to when you are in desperate need of a shopping spree is Oxford Street! You know what they say, “Shop till you drop!”. That was the quote of today! So we dragged our legs upon yet another set of stairs and finally reached the 3rd floor of the store Uniqlo. It was there and then that we received a sign from heaven! Coffee heaven!

The smell of burned coffee beans led us to the corner where a young guy was passionately operating with pots and cups, water and beans, silver and gold. There were three flavours which he introduced to us. The first being ‘dark chocolate and hazelnut’, the second ‘fruity, white tea and apricot’ and third ‘blueberry, raisin and cherry’ – the last one is for the sweet lovers!

Uniqlo, 3rd floor, Oxford Street, London
Has Bean Coffee

I decided to go for the dark chocolate and hazelnut option. And I have to say, best brewed coffee I have ever had! I usually prefer my coffee to be sweet, strong and short. But even the smell of it caught my attention from the other side of the room! It had a nutty taste, not bitter, but sweet. Soft but very flavoursome. You often find coffee to be too watery, while this was full of flavour! Honestly, it was so good, I had another cup to take away!


Uniqlo, 3rd floor, Oxford Street, London

While your freshly made cup of gold is being brewed you can take place in comfortable arm chairs with in the middle a large wooden table where you can choose from multiple magazines and even charge your phone. Perfect place to sit down and take a breath. – Especially in the middle of your shopping spree!

To make this experience even more perfect it is only £3 for a cup, which you can refill! – that is if you aren’t jumping up and down yet because of a caffeine attack!


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