Honest Burger – Honestly delicious

Have you been craving that burger for a while? I know, sometimes you just have to satisfy your cravings to finally put your mind at peace and allow yourself that treat you deserve! But if you are going to treat yourself you might as well do it with a healthy conscience! And I think the burgers at Honest Burger in London is perfect for those moments.

The classic burger is full of flavour. When you hold it tight in-between both hands and finally take that first bite an explosion of real and honest flavours are released. The bun is soft from the inside but crispy from the outside. Served with their crispy home-made rosemary chips they are the perfect combination for an honest and flavoursome burger! Even for the veggies under us there is a delicious vegetarian option available! A burger home-made with market vegetables and complimented with a fresh coriander, cucumber and yoghurt dressing. – my favourite!

The best thing is, you leave the restaurant with a satisfied feeling, not greasy, not overly full, not bloated, but satisfied and happy! -Happy you finally satisfied that burger craving and you don’t even have to feel guilty!

Vegetarian burger- Honest Burger, South Kensington, London

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