Another day, another climb at The Climbing Hangar in London!

Since living in London I have discovered a passion for climbing! Bouldering to be precise! – Yep, some real monkey business! After a few session I bought my shoes and went looking for a climbing wall nearest to me. And I discovered the perfect place! Hidden in a small side street in Fulham! At first you believe you are walking towards a street full of garages, but walk a bit further and you will see the door to a monkey playground!


My favourite bar of all times!! – Clif Bar

The extremely friendly staff will soon become your climbing buddies and will help you in anyway needed! Besides being extremely nice they also make a decent cup of coffee! – Next to coffee they also serve tea and hot chocolate of course! (But you know I am a coffee freak!) They also have all kinds of snacks and home made bars to give you that little extra energy kick when you are planning to climb like a real monkey! And when you think it can’t become any better they sell the best energy bar of all times! I am extremely picky with energy bars as I feel they are either unhealthy, sugary or don’t give you energy at all. But Clif Bars are healthy and delicious! And I actually feel energised! Combine a bar with a macchiato and you are good to go! Check the bars out on , they are amazing!


It may look small at first but you will soon realise it is divided into three floors! Walk to the top floor and there is a stretching area, fully equipped with yoga matts and equipment to help you get your workout done! It’s perfect for all levels and ages – think of birthday parties! And shoes and chalk (all you need!) can be hired for a small fee!

So do you feel like feeling like a child again? Or just like monkeying around? Go to The Climbing Hangar in Fulham, trust me, you’ll love it!

Closest tube station: Parson Green. For more info visit


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