-1 Day: Next stop ICELAND

Just a few more hours and I’ll be on my way to my second home again! – The airport! But this time my flight will arrive at a destination that I haven’t seen before! So I packed my backpack, bought a map, sat down and researched every single spot of Iceland. After much research and many moments of shouting “WOW we HAVE to see that!!” we made a list that was long enough to tour in Iceland for a month. And somehow, we are going to fit that in a week! – Game on.


Don’t worry guys I will record every step of exploring this beautiful place and you will be bombed by pictures and tips! To keep more updated on my adventures follow me on Instagram!


Also, if any of you have any tips such as MUST SEE or SECRET SPOTS let me know! Comment below or send me a private message!


2 thoughts on “-1 Day: Next stop ICELAND

    1. I just came back and it was AMAZING!! We had some good weather too, especially the first few days it was just blue sky! I had a look at your blog and I really like your posts! Some really good stuff and tips! Was hoping you guys would have some tips on Bali too as I will be moving there in September but maybe in the future we can exchange some tips! Enjoy your travels guysss wherever you may be!!

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