Next stop: Iceland!

Stepping out of the airplane, breathing in the sharp cold air. We finally arrived! The flight with Wow Air was smooth and comfortable. I have to say that my first thoughts when entering the plane were clean, spacious and bright! When flying to Iceland I definitely advice you to pay a little more just to make sure you have a window seat, because wow, (I now understand why they called it Wow Air) the view is amazing! – You will already fall in love with Iceland even before you arrive!

Arriving at Keflavík International Airport

We decided to hire a small camper van from a company named Kuku Campers. They picked us up from the airport and after a short drive of about 30 min we arrived at their office to pick up our van! They were super organised and helpful with any questions we had! They gave us the keys, a map and a discount card – which can be used at gas stations OB and Olis for discount on fuel, free wifi and a free coffee at every visit! (Those free coffees are definitely appreciated during long road trips!!)

So there we were! About to start the adventure we have been waiting for!!

We got the keys and decided that our first stop was going to be just down the road! With our stomachs making whale sounds we asked the people at Kuku Campers what the best supermarket would be to get our food and essentials from and they advised a store called Bonus.

We quickly found the prices in Iceland to be very high compared to the prices in the Uk. However, the average income in Iceland is almost double compared to the Uk, which explains the prices. Nevertheless, in Bonus they have a large variety of food – which can also be easily stored! (I strictly advise you to store food as you aren’t going to find many supermarkets throughout your trip if you are planning to do a road trip around Iceland like we did!) Also make sure to fuel up every time you see a gas station! You never know when the next one will show up! – Also, very important, make sure to store enough pots of Skyr!! Best breakfast/snack EVER!!!

So after having stuffed ourselves with Skyr and filled our car with fuel and food we finally got on the road and started our trip!

Our limited edition owl camper from Kuku Campers



Starting to drive towards the south of the island you find that every turn you take the landscape becomes more and more beautiful. When following the main roads there are plenty of roadsigns indicating possible points of interests to explore!

Gullfoss waterfall

On our first day we decided to stop at the stunning waterfall named Gullfoss!

The breathtaking view and the incredible force coming from the water clashing down the rocks makes a huge impact. The moment you step out of your car you can feel drops of water flowing through the air being carried by the wind. You follow the stream, look over the side of the rocks and feel smaller and smaller. You really feel that nature is much greater and stronger then you have ever felt. This feeling, of being small and weak compared to nature and its breathtaking forms and force is a feeling you will experience many times while in Iceland, believe me.

IMG_8193 copy
Gullfoss waterfall
Gullfoss waterfall
Gullfoss waterfall

After a long and beautiful hike following the stream of the Gullfoss waterfall we got back on the road and experienced one of the many beautiful sunsets of Iceland. At this time of year (May) the sun sets at around 11.1, but it never actually gets fully dark. So get ready to give your biological clock a good shake up!



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