Where to find Icelandic coffee and John Snow’s famous love cave.

Another day means another coffee! The coffee everyone drinks in Iceland is strong filter coffee. Myself, I have never been a fan of filter coffee. I prefer a short, strong and creamy espresso or a nice cappuccino! However! The filter coffee in Iceland is actually really good! It has a soft taste and goes down smoothly! – Even when you are not a hardcore coffee lover I think you will like this! You will find it at every gas station and it is crazy cheap! When you hire your camper van at Kuku Campers (like we did) they will give you a discount card which enables you to get a free coffee at gas stations OBand Olis at every visit! (It also gives you discount on fuel and free wifi!) Honestly, you have to try it!


Our first stop was at a collapsed but a still active volcano area. We parked the car and walked up to see this beautiful caldera. The colours are breathtaking and when you walk over the edge you get a sense of the depth. Sit down, dangle your feet down and enjoy the view.


We then decided to get back on the road and visit a very special cave. We parked the car and followed the signs which would bring us to the cave. After about a 3 km hike you finally find yourself walking over large cracked pieces of stone, watch out, don’t look into the cracks to much, you might back out! The cracks go deep into the dark ground, so watch your step! You then walk down, but might not understand what all the fuss is about. We arrived at what we understood was one of the most beautiful caves in Iceland, but, where is it? Are we lost? In front of us was a small opening into the ground, pitch black. I thought surely this can’t be it, I stared at it for a while. It looked so dark and deep. My curiosity started to take over and I decided to slowly climb into the hole. But then I stopped, I could hear a drop. A drop? I got a small stone in my hand and threw it down what I believed was a deep deep hole, but no! After 1 sec the stone hit water! As I climbed further my eyes got used to the darkness, and there it was. The most beautiful cave I have ever seen!


This cave was also used in the series Game of Thrones. John Snow and Ygritte’s love scene was filmed right here! So when you are in Iceland, make this part of your must see list!! You will never have seen anything like it!!


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