Iceland, and its secret spots

As soon as we woke up we jumped in front of the car and full of excitement drove to a waterfall named Gljúfrabúi. As the waterfall is hidden inside a small canyon, not many people know about it, so it is definitely a nice spot to visit!

In order to get yourself in the perfect spot you have to duck under a big rock and walk into what looks like a small cave, there you can get right underneath the waterfall! Once you’ve made it inside the view is absolutely breathtaking! This is definitely not your everyday waterfall sightseeing!! – Also make sure you are ready to get wet!!

You can also climb your way on top of the rocks! It is a little climb and you have to be careful at points but it really is fun and you get an amazing view once you get to the top!


Not very far away from this beautiful spot you can find the black beach. The beach is rather long and on one particular spot you will find an abandoned plane wreck laying on the middle of the beach! Now this is something extremely special to see! The United States Navy DC plane crashed in 1971 as it ran out of fuel. – Don’t worry everyone survived!! The remains of the plane are still in the exact spot as when the plane crashed which gives an amazing impact. – Amazing spot for the fellow photographers under us!!

As the beach is rather big and the plane is close to the water it is quite a walk from where you park your car! – However, when you have a 4×4 you can drive all the way to the plane! – But the walk is definitely worth it!! Trust me!!!


Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck
Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

2 thoughts on “Iceland, and its secret spots

  1. Cool post, a great read 🙂 I didn’t realise the plane was so close! Also I am jealous that you got to visit the ‘secret’ waterfall, I just posted about my experience of the lore tourist-y waterfalls!

    1. I just had a look at the posts you wrote about Iceland! Love them!! The plane as well as the waterfall are definitely a must see!! Such an incredible place! 🙂

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