Road trip to Saint-Tropez!

After pushing the last piece of luggage in the boot of the car using both hands and feet we were finally ready for our road trip! Starting from Eindhoven (my home town where I had flown to the night before), with as a final destination St-Tropez! 10 hours may seem like a long trip, but sing (shout) along to some music, have some coffee breaks and stick your head out of the window for a bit and the trip will fly by!

Pitch stop in Beaune at Hotel Le Cèdre

Half way through we decided to stop at a beautiful hotel named Hotel Le Cèdre. I must say, the food is incredible here. They have a Michelin Star restaurant named The Clos du Cèdre and I can honestly say they deserve that star! They have a beautiful garden in which you can sit and enjoy the green surroundings! This hotel is actually located very close near the highway! – Which you wont notice at all while sitting in the garden drinking your deserved cup of coffee in peace! Which makes it perfect for a pitch stop!

– A little tip: Try their chocolate desserts. They are famous for them!! Every little things is home made and so delicious!!


Once we were back on the road time went past quickly and before we knew it we were in St-Tropez! A little bit further there is a place named St-Maxime, which is literally opposite St-Tropez! It is extremely beautiful and has the most incredible vibe! I’ll be giving you tips and telling you all about this amazing place in the upcoming blogs! So keep updated!



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