My favourite beach in St-Tropez!

My favourite beach in St-Tropez!

As soon as I wake up I love to open my windows and feel the warmth coming through finding its way inside. The sun shines on my face as I watch people go by. I can hear the bells of the church playing a song I recognise. It’s early, but I believe thats what makes it so peaceful. I love mornings. I never was a morning person, at least I thought I wasn’t. Until I actually woke up early one day, thats when I recognised how peaceful and magical mornings really are. It’s like the whole world is still half asleep, slowly waking up.


After having dipped my crispy croissant in my coffee we took the boat from St-Maxime to St-Tropez were we found a cute beach! Indie beach is were we laid down our towels and immediately felt comfortable! It is an incredible beach with the best view, extremely nice people and it just has this amazing vibe. The place is designed using a mix between trendy, oriental and hippy influences. There is a bar, beds, restaurant and even extremely comfortable big beds in order for you to really put your feet up! Its a really nice place to spend your beach day at, but also just to have lunch at! The menu already looked amazing when I first read it and the more I read the more I got indecisive! – I kind of just wanted to taste it all! We decided to get the burrata and a quinoa salad, which were both incredible! This place will definitely make your body and mind happy! – Just eat your belly round (with healthy and delicious food!) and have a siesta with your feet in the sand and the sound of waves in the background!

Indie Beach – St-Tropez

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