St Tropez – breakfast with sailors

So there I sat, surrounded by croissants and bread. In the middle of a busy terrace while overlooking the countless sailing boats parked in the harbour. Each one of them branded with a huge sticker and flag saying Rolex. When I turn away from the boats I notice that I am surrounded by guys dressed in white, white sailing costumes.

I understand why all the sailors tend to have breakfast here! I ordered yoghurt with granola which wasn’t only beautiful but also really delicious! Really fresh and crunchy which is perfect for a warm morning! I do have to say, the espresso wasn’t very good. They make it way too watery and bitter. However, others had ordered the cappuccino and did say that they were really good! So when you decide to try out this place order a cappuccino, not an espresso. – But definitely go for the yoghurt and granola!!

Senequier St Tropez
Senequier St Tropez

Ever year The Rolex Cup is organised in St Tropez, which is a great event! It lasts for a week and is an amazing experience! The boats are all parked in the harbour of St-Tropez which gives an amazing view. When looking over the water you see countless sailing boats just flying over the water.


Anywhere you walk and look over the sea the view is amazing. Especially when the sun goes down and the boats are still on the water. The lights of the towns light up. The mountains become foggy and the sun reflects the light of the sunset. Its crazy.





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