Where to go for an evening with fairy lights and fat boys on the beach.

Where to go for an evening with fairy lights and fat boys on the beach.

I hear soft footsteps running past my closed door. Like a little puppy she gallops down the hallway. Its silent for a second. I look at the door, the door handle slowly moves down as I hear her whisper, “Britttttttt, Britttttttt, wake upppppp, I’m awakeee”.

Meet my little niece. She is the most beautiful little trouble maker. She’s an angel with mischievous wings.


As I woke up being pulled out of my bed by her tiny hands I decided to have my routine morning walk and find my way past the markets to the bakery. The early morning is my favourite time of the day. As you walk in the small roads of St-Maxime windows are being opened, faces appear through the window as they yawn and nod as you walk past. Chairs are being set up for the early birds to have their coffee in the morning sunlight.  The smell of ripe fruit finds its way through the streets. Even birds are still at ease and sing their morning song as you walk past. Everything is at peace. It’s the most magical time of the day.


Wearing jacket from Ivory Stitch


It’s another hot day and what’s better to have a dive in the most beautiful water and say bonjour to the fish! I went to my favourite beach in St-Tropez named Indie Beach. This isn’t your typical St-Tropez beach (which is why I like it so much!).  You notice a tropical vibe overflows as you walk in. The two parakeets welcome you inside and you will notice your feet start to move to the rhythm of the Brazilian music.

Indie beach St-Tropez
Indie beach St-Tropez

Since a few days now they started to keep the beach open at night. As I was there on the day they were staying open for the first time this summer I got curious and decided to stay for dinner. Best. Decision. Ever. The beds on the beach were swapped for Fat Boy bean bags. The fairy lights turned on, which you dine under. The sea becomes darker, the lights become lighter. The vibe becomes stronger and the music becomes louder. You dine underneath the palm trees and fairy lights as you take a bite of the most fresh fish smoked in a fire in front of your eyes. But wait, the best is yet to come. As you sit enjoying your view, listening to the birds sing a long to the music you see the waiter coming towards you. He smiles and puts down the most amazing plate in front of you, there it is, the most perfect Tarte Fine you will ever taste! – Just the Tarte fine is worth going to Indie beach for!!

I definitely recommend this beach when in St-Tropez! For the vibe, the food, the people! I love it, and trust me, so will you!

Indie beach St-Tropez
Indie beach St-Tropez
Indie beach St-Tropez



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