Cuteness overload!

If you love something so much, why not carry an overload with you wherever you go! I have this obsession for fruit and vegetables! (being vegan definitely helps!!) Travelling to different countries gives you the opportunity to discover all kinds of different fruits and vegetables! – Which I am obsessed with! I mean look at the fruit Rambutan! Isn’t it just crazy!!


So when I was walking down the market and said “Bonjour” for the 5th time to the old men at the fruit stand I decided to fill my straw beach bag full with fruit! – I may or may not have gone a bit crazy with the baby pineapples.. (Next to being insanely cute they are also so sweet and juicy!!)


Now, let me introduce you to the new member of the family! – Who as you can see is already as obsessed with fruit as I am!!

Meet BUDDY! He is a Border Collie of 8 weeks old and is already a little trouble maker! Side by side we will take on the world! (And steal lots and lots of pineapples!!!) If you follow me on Instagram you will see in what kind of mischief he will get himself and what his travels are like by my side!



From St-Tropez to Holland where I picked up this little cuteness overload, to taking the next plane to London! Late night flight, an espresso to take me through the evening and a pineapple in my pocket! London here I come!!



8 thoughts on “Cuteness overload!

  1. Wow your page is super duper excellent. Short summarised writeup and your pictures are like as if you are professional photographer.

    Which gear you use for pictures. You have a wonderful photography eye!

    And let me tell, very soon you will be way popular if you hit similar post. You will be one amazing blogger. I am not exaggerating!

    1. You made my day!!!! Thank you so much!! It honestly means a lot hearing this from you!!

      I am a professional photographer who happens to have a passion for journalism and travelling so I thought why not let people know what I get up to!

      I use the Canon Mark 2 as well as the Leica Q for most of my images!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words again! Hopefully we will see/read a lot of each other! X

      1. My pleasure in the remarks

        Ahan your pictures, angles and quality speaks volumes of your skill.

        I am a hobbist photographer, so your pictures is like a lesson for me.

        Would love to learn the skills from you, since you are good than me. So hope to learn more and add more colors at my end.

        Will surely be interacting 😊🤗

      2. There are many more pictures coming!! Feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions about my photography! I will always be happy to help!!

    1. Thank you!! I’m so happy you like it!!! – I had a look at your website and I fully support your product. Due to personal experience I have built a real appreciation to products such as hemp oil which has its magical power some people need. Great work for keeping people educated, everyone should know its power 🙂 x

      1. That’s great. It’s still slightly taboo. You are correct though. Hemp oil had endless benefits. Check out the website if you have time. I love feedback, especially when someone really “gets” the benefits. Thanks again. I haven’t been blogging enough but I read.

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