Top 1 place to go in Hampstead (London)

Top 1 place to go in Hampstead (London)

Guess what day it was yesterday.. SUNDAY FUNDAY. And what better way to start your Sunday-funday with a coffee and cake from Gail’s Bakery. As you walk in you can smell the fresh cakes and brioches blending in with the smell of coffee. The smell works almost like a drug on your brain making you stutter as the waiter asks what you would like to have, but you just stand there as your eyes go back and forward scanning the endless choice of delicious treats. – To make things easier for myself (but also for everyone else standing in line behind me), I always ask what the waiter thinks is the best choice. What do they think is the most delicious thing there, I mean, they must know best right?! (At least I would if I worked there, I would of tried the whole menu twice.)

Gail’s Bakery – 64 Hampstead High St, Belsize Park, London NW3 1QH

Hampstead is lovely to walk around in. There are many cute restaurants and cafes located in small streets. You can also lay in the park or dip yourself in one of the many ponds on a sunny day! There are a few special ponds to be found if you want to go somewhere different one day! For the ladies there is a ‘Ladies only!’ pond where you can enjoy the sun half naked if you like! No man to be found just a lot of women chatting, swimming, sunbathing and gossiping about life! Also there are no phones, music, alcohol, or cameras allowed, so you can fully relax! Not to worry guys, there is an identical pond a little further which is just for man!


But for the highlight of your day out in Hampstead you HAVE to go to the famous La Creperie de Hampstead. It is located on Hampstead HighStreet and it is easy to find. If you see a long line queueing in front of a small window, and seeing people walk away with the biggest smile on their face, you are in the right place. And trust me, you will want to join the end of the line, because it is definitely worth the wait!


They make both savoury and sweet crepes right in front of your eyes. They have the most amazing menu with insane combinations of flavours. It almost makes you want to just try them all. – And why don’t you! No one will blame you!!


When I finally made my choice and got handed my crepe, I couldn’t wait any longer and took my first bite. I can honestly say this is the best crepe I have ever had. The corners are crispy and buttery. The inside still warm and full of flavour. With every bite you take you wish that the crepe would never finish. This place is a must when you are in Hampstead. And as today is Monday, what’s a better way to finish your Monday with a smile on your face! Go on, you know you want one! – I know I do!!








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