No, I am not lying. Nor am I just writing this because I am excited for the owners of this new amazing beer brand, who happen to be dear friends. – I am honest enough to tell you guys if I thought this beer wasn’t good, trust me, you would know. But here I go, to the launch of German Kraft, full of excitement and curiosity. As I arrive he already has his hands on the tap as he proudly pours me a glass. I take my first sip which lead into a smile! Lets just say, one glass quickly led to another! (And maybe another..and another…)


Meet the 3 friends that created German Kraft! They claim that they aren’t “super crafty beer maniacs”, but ” just want to share the true German traditional recipes and serve in its freshest form to the people of London!”


This beer is so unique in its taste, so smooth, so much flavour. But exactly the flavour a fresh beer should taste like. I honestly have never tasted anything like it.

Now, in order to get this unique taste they made some unique adjustments when creating this golden liquid.

They use a specific water technology that allows them to clean the water before brewing, which will flush out all the drugs, hormones and unwanted chemicals. They then mineralise the water to the perfect standard of the beer that they wish to brew at that exact time. They also never add any preservatives, which makes it the freshest and cleanest beer out there! – And that you can surely taste!!


The best thing is, soon you will be able to find them in Mercato Metropolitano (London, Elephant & Castle). Where you can find yourself falling in love with a beer you have never tasted before! They aim to be brewing and serving their first beer by November! You may not have the patience to wait so long, but trust me, it will be worth the wait! You will be hearing a lot more about these three guys and their amazing beer! So keep your eyes open for the opening date, as you wont want to miss it!




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