Where to go for a vegan pizza in London

Sundays in London. What do you feel like doing? You can plan your day full of endless activities, but whether you want to have a busy or a lazy Sunday all depends on how bad your hangover is from the night before. – Saturdays in London can be very fun too!

However, when spending your Sunday in London you don’t even have to plan anything. It is an amazing city to just walk around in all day and you will be surprised with how quick time goes past and how many beautiful scenes you have seen! And if you are walking around and notice that you haven’t almost been run over by a car yet in the last 30 min (living in London makes you risk your life about 5 times a day), then it is because every Sunday of July is traffic free in the main roads. Which makes it much more relaxed an fun to walk around!

Regent Street, London

If you do decide to have a relaxed Sunday of walking around with a coffee in one hand and a coconut water in the other (hydration is key with a hangover), then you should walk through New Bond Street. It is full with amazing art galleries that you can visit and help give a boost to your creativity! I especially recommend Eden Fine Art Gallery! At the moment they have a crazy collection of art which is really worth having a look at! One of my favourite artists is David Kracov! You might have noticed that I am a big art fan and you might have read my article about the “Best contemporary art galleries in St-Tropez”, where I also found David Kracov’s work! – The beauty about it is that I immediately recognise his art, it is a certain kind of style which really appeals to me! It is also just the fact that he is such an original and amazing artist which makes him stand out! Love, LOVE his work! – You should definitely go check it out!!

Eden Fine Art Gallery – Art by David Kracov
Eden Fine Art Gallery – Art by David Kracov
Eden Fine Art Gallery – Art by David Kracov

How to make your Sunday even better, my strategy is simple. Make Sunday PIZZADAY. It isn’t called SundayFunday for nothing people!! So have your walk down Regent street and New Bond street and keep on walking to Carnaby street! Not only is this just a super nice place to do some shopping, it is also the perfect place to have a coffee or some lunch or dinner! It is extremely cosy and in the summer it is lovely to just hang about and have a drink on a sunny afternoon! But if you decide to make your day a PIZZADAY then go to Kingly Court! You will find yourself in the cutest court full of tables and restaurants, including one of the best pizza restaurants in London!

Pizza Pilgrims is owned by two brothers from Italy who found themselves starting a business they firstly knew nothing about! But quickly ended up becoming geniuses, pizza geniuses! They are now located on 6 locations around London and serve the most amazing pizza’s! The crust (which is the best part!!) is light and crunchy. The tomato sauce is full of flavour and the garlic gives a nice punch, which is then stabilised by the fresh basil sprinkled on top! Every bite I took I caught myself closing my eyes, no words came out for the first 10 min, just noises. It really is a delicious pizza, which you should definitely go and try! The whole atmosphere there is just amazing, which creates a lovely experience! – Especially on a summery day!

Pizza Pilgrims – Kingly Court London
Pizza Pilgrims – Kingly Court London
Pizza Pilgrims – Kingly Court London

You might of noticed that in the above image I have a henna tattoo across my hand. If you are a henna lover like me then go and pay a visit to Selfridges where you can find Pavan The Henna Bar on the ground floor! She will let her imagination and artistic skills go crazy and create the most beautiful henna tattoos for you! She is a lovely girl with crazy skills!


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  1. I absolutely love Pizza Pilgrims, my fave Location is however the one in Dean Street where you still get that italian feeling down in The Crypt, which makes me dream of the Country down south every time!

    1. I will definitely try that place, it sounds amazing! I love the old school Italian restaurants, and usually they serve the most amazing food from grandmothers kitchen! Thank you for the tip! 🙂 x

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