Cutest beach in Como, Italy (that no one knows about)


Another morning, another coffee, another hot day in Lugano! It is the perfect day to have a drive around the lake and go explore every beautiful spot. A spot that you should definitely visit is Lido di Faggeto. As you drive down a narrow road you notice a small parking space. This is where you find the cutest beach! You have parked your car and as you walk down you can feel the sand tickling below your feet.

At this great sunbathing spot they have comfortable couches in which you can fall into and drink your delicious espresso. As you hide underneath the parasol you can quickly change into your swimsuit so you can run over the hot sand and dive into the refreshing blue water.



It is the most beautiful spot with the most amazing view. (Even when you notice some clouds climbing over the hills slowly covering the sun, in my opinion the view just gets more and more amazing.) You see the rain coming in the distance, the clouds surrounding the hills. Far away you see that lightning hits the water – thats probably the moment when you realise to stop dreaming and get out of the water. You can already feel the drops and so you go back to hiding underneath the parasol. A tropical rain storm is about to take over, and its beautiful.



This place is the perfect place for both sunny and rainy days. Lovely food, lovely people, and an amazing view!

Where to go

Lido di Faggeto is open everyday from 10am – 10pm and their address is Piazza Cesare Scotti 1, Riva CO. 


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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      1. Thankyou so much. I am yet to document some travel stories. Just got back from a beautiful hike in uttarakhand ( India) . Will look forward to your blog posts too 😃

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