Best place for a celebration dinner in London.

One thing you might not know about me is that I have spend my last three years working my booty off at UAL (University of Arts London)! And then the final day comes when you think that all those restless nights and panic attacks were totally worth it! Graduation day has finally (FINALLY) come!! As you have noticed I travel a lot so I decided to continue my road trip from Holland to London!


When I am in London it feels like home. It will always feel like home! Having said that, there are a lot of places I call home. I will always feel at home where ever I am comfortable. But when I spend too much time in one place I get a craving to leave as soon as possible. I think I was born to travel, my curiosity is way too strong not to follow, so I will explore every single part of this beautiful world.

So having had graduation I decided to celebrate the fun but stressful few years by going to SushiSamba! And let me tell you, it is an amazing experience!! As soon as you arrive at the building you are kindly accompanied to the elevator. The doors close behind you as you press the button to the 39th floor. You feel your legs getting weak as you are going up with speed, but this doesn’t bother you.. you are way too distracted by the breathless view as you are getting higher and higher. You see more skyline than ever before.


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London

As you are waiting for your table you are invited to the bar which serve the most mazing and fresh cocktails you have ever tasted. From a fresh thai lychee cocktail to a mango cocktail that is so fruity you wont notice the liquor until you stand up.

You then get escorted to your table and sit down staring to the most beautiful lit up skyline you have ever seen. You will realise how big and beautiful London really is, its a whole new perspective you have never experienced before.


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London


SushiSamba London


You get bombed by kind service, which becomes slightly overwhelming after a while. They mean well, but after the fourth time of being asked if I want another drink or if I am finished with my plate while I am clearly still picking it becomes annoying. Nevertheless, the food is mind blowing and I enjoyed every bite of it. Each dish makes you think of how they must of prepared it and what makes it so unique. With each bite you lift your head and enjoy the exploding flavours while looking at the most stunning view. It is definitely an amazing experience. I recommend visiting for dinner as the view is the most spectacular when the sun sets and London lights up. – For guys that are looking for a perfect place for a date, go here and you will end up going home with her, trust me!!



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