Best boutique hotel in London

If you want to spend your weekend in one of the loveliest and best boutique hotels in London I know just the place for you!

Welcome to The Royal Park Hotel. Its located in the heart of London close to Hyde Park. Even though it is so central the location is slightly hidden away in a beautiful small road, which creates a special look. The hotel may seem small from the front as all you see is the entrance, but when you enter it feels like you have just set step in wonderland.

The Royal Park Hotel London

I pushed the door and set step in one of the most beautiful hotels. The rooms make you feel comfortable and cosy. The warm lights create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It has a calming effect. The rooms are beautiful and cleaned to perfection. As you see the bed you immediately want to fall into it but then notice a few notes laying on your pillow. Before you pick them up your eye notices a cookie jar standing on the table next to the bed, fresh home made cookies. As you take your first bite your eyes close for a second while enjoying the amazing flavour, when you open them again you read the note. Its handwritten, telling you what the weather will be like tomorrow and wishing you a wonderful stay. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

The Royal Park Hotel London
The Royal Park Hotel London


Its late, as you get underneath your fresh and crisp sheets you notice the view from your window. London is beautiful, and it especially shows its beauty at night. The view from the rooms of this hotel are breathtaking. They emphasise how stunning London really is. Its the perfect view to go to sleep to and to wake up to.


I slept like a rose. The king size beds are almost too comfortable. – I had a lot of trouble get up in the morning. However, my curiosity for breakfast dragged me out of bed. And oh was it worth it! If you are a real breakfast lover (like me) than you will love their continental breakfast! They layout a large selection of different fruits, breads, cheeses, salmon, but manage to make this breakfast different from any other. For example they offer the most amazing banana bread (You HAVE to try it!!) and delicious home made jams. You can also order from a menu which has delicious options. – Yet again I spend 30 minutes choosing as I wanted to order everything. But I decided on getting poached eggs with avocado served on wholemeal toast, best decision I have ever made! The eggs were cooked to perfection, the avocado was smooth and perfect and the toast was crispy. I believe that less is more, so when a simple dish is made to perfection, nothing can beat it.

Breakfast is served in a beautiful room what at night is the most amazing whiskey bar. You don’t have to stay in the hotel to visit the whiskey bar, its open for anyone that enjoys a drink while listening to jazz music in one of the most stunning rooms I have ever seen. You sit down in soft chairs and melt into the seats, while you study the interior design you notice that the light makes you feel warm and cosy. The old english style has never been more impressive. It creates the perfect atmosphere that will make you crave a glass of whiskey and a cigar. You open the menu which has a selection of cigars and the finest drinks, including an impressive selection of whiskeys. The choice is so hard that the waiter notices you are struggling and kindly gives advice on which whiskey would personally fulfil all your expectations. The combination of the room, the light, the smell, the music, the service, the whole atmosphere and the taste of the whiskey is a unique experience.

The Royal Park Hotel London
The Royal Park Hotel London
The Royal Park Hotel London


The Royal Park Hotel London

Its style is so beautiful you feel like you have stepped back in time. By staying here it will definitely complete your whole experience of London. I highly recommend it to everyone and even I will definitely be back soon, even if it is for a whiskey at the bar!


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