Best pizza on Lake Como

I will let you in on a little secret. When I first came to Lake Como to visit my boyfriend he took me on our first date to a very special place. On a summery night we drove past the lake to a destination that had the most beautiful view. On one side of the road you would overlook the water and the beautiful mountains, on the opposite side you would find a small square in which there were 2 restaurants, an ice cream parlour, a fountain and girls in cute dresses laughing and chasing each other in circles.  Its a dream destination, like you are playing in an old Italian movie.


You walk into the movie scene and sit down, yet to find out you are about to experience something extraordinary. Your fairy tail experience is about to become even better! At the restaurant named La Piazzetta they serve the absolute dream pizza. You are about to take a bite into a slice with crispy thin dough, topped with the most fresh and flavoursome mozzarella and tomatoes, sprinkled with fresh basil that smells so strong the scent remains on your fingers. Isn’t it magical when your eyes close to take in the flavours, but when you open them again and look over the mountains the magic continues.


La Piazzetta Argegno


La Piazzetta Argegno


La Piazzetta Argegno

La Piazzetta is my absolute favourite pizza restaurant. – For the people that like to take their loved ones on a date, this is definitely the place to go! ( It definitely worked on me!!)



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