Tropical raw Açaí Bowl

I love to start my day full of energy! I stretch my arms and yawn while I put on the kettle and squeeze some lemon juice in my cup. Green tea with a piece of fresh ginger and lemon juice is what I like to wake up to!

Of course it doesn’t take long for my stomach to wake up too! And a breakfast that always puts a smile on my face (even on Monday mornings!) is a freshly made Açaí Bowl!



Portion: 2 bowls – or 1 😉

Ingredients:                                                                                         For toppings: 

2 frozen bananas                                                                                 1 handful of goji berries

300 ml coconut milk                                                                           Rasped coconut

1/2 medium mango                                                                             1 handful of Granola

1 handful of spinach                                                                          Raw cacao bits

1 hand full of blueberries                                                                 Chia seeds

1 handful of raspberries                                                                   Blueberries

teaspoon maca powder

teaspoon spirulina

spoon of Açaí



Place the bananas, coconut milk, half a mango, spinach, blueberries, raspberries, maca, spirulina and Açaí all in one strong blender and blend until smooth and creamy! If its a little too thick just add a little extra coconut milk! Pour the mixture into a large bowl and just simply add the toppings! If you want to make it extra healthy and delicious check out the recipe of my homemade granola to use as a topping!

I already cant wait for my Açaí bowl in the morning! Enjoy my loves!X


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