Where to go for yoga in Canggu, Bali.

If the rustling sound of the palm trees, the crushing sound of the waves or the chirping sound of birds doesn’t calm you down, maybe its time to put yourself in the cobra position! But lets be honest, any day or any time is the perfect time to practise some yoga. Its good for your body and mind and it will leave you feeling relaxed and amazing.

I love feeding my body and mind with such goodness and so I quickly ended up finding a yoga studio here in Canggu. In fact, I just came back and I feel amazing. I am writing with my head still in the clouds.


Today I visited a yoga studio named The Practise in Canggu. Its a little hidden from the main road but you will find a sign leading you into a small side road. Once you walk a little further a beautiful place will appear. Inside the bamboo fence there is a stunning studio where several beginner to advanced classes will be held daily.

The room where the classes are held are large and circle formed. The roof is made of bamboo and has a large opening along the side which overlooks the garden. The whole building, every room, every seat, everything is made to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

After a class you can feel that both your mind and body are at peace. You walk down the steps and find yourself in the common area where there is fresh ginger tea for you to sip on. You sit down and sink into one of the chairs, while you overlook the peaceful garden. Birds are chirping, water is dripping, the whole experience is amazing.

This studio is amazing, lovely people, peaceful atmosphere, great community and I feel great. This is definitely a must do when you find yourself in Canggu. Because who wouldn’t want to put their head in the clouds once in a while?

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