The spicy coconut – vegan goodness

For vegans, like myself, Canggu is heaven. Before arriving in Bali I was slightly worried I wouldn’t get all the nutrition I should get due to being vegan. At home you quickly blend up a smoothy with some veggies, fruit and any type of seeds, nuts and powder you can get and you have a large amount of vitamins all in one glass to give your body that healthy boost. Because as you know, vegans need to eat a lot of alternatives in order to get to a healthy daily intake. However, in Canggu you will find a healthy, organic or vegan cafe on every corner. I get more excited the more cafes I see and trust me I will be trying every single one of them! I will be giving you guys a review of each cafe/restaurant as well as a list of the top ones!

So, lets not get too excited and start from the beginning! Lets start with a cute cafe named The Spicy Coconut

The Spicy Coconut – North Seminyak 

The staff welcomes you in with the biggest smiles, you feel welcome and comfortable the moment you sit down! The menu gets any vegan excited, pancakes, smoothy bowls power bowls. The more you read the more indecisive you get. Everything sounds delicious and its everything you want to take home. Who knew that vegan food could be so delicious, exciting and vibrant!

The Spicy Coconut – North Seminyak 

For lunch I ordered The Power Bowl which consists of the most amazing flavours combined with healthy grains, seeds and vegetables to create the perfect vegan lunch bowl! Together with an ‘immunity boost’ juice you have yourself the perfect lunch! For both your body and mind!

The Spicy Coconut – North Seminyak 

The address is 81 Jalan Batu Belig in North Seminyak. If you want to have breakfast make sure you go before 12 o clock! After they serve lunch and it will be closed for dinner! So make sure to get there in time!




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