Where to go for the best local food in Canggu, Bali

So I ended up in Indonesia. The country with the most amazing food full of colours and vibrant flavours. Everything is homemade, grown locally and recipes go back centuries. I am currently staying in a place named Canggu. And there are plenty of amazing cafes and restaurants, but there is something special about the cafes that just serve a messy full plate with all kinds of different homemade food made by the mother in the back.

Varuna Warung, Canggu

You sit down on one of the few tables and are accompanied by some dogs that lay around in the shadow. You make your way inside where you order your plate full of goodness. The women looks at you in patient as she waits for you to point at any of the bowls located in the big cabined. You point, and she will place more food on your plate than you ever thought would fit. The great thing is, this plate full of deliciousness is extremely cheap so you can really fill up your plate with endless combinations! An average full plate and a bottle of water will cost between 25.000 to 45.000 idr. 

Varuna Warung, Canggu

You impatiently go back to your seat and before you even sit down you have already picked from your plate as no-one, no-one can resist that delicious smell! Its a plate full of happiness!

Varuna Warung, Canggu

Being vegan I always go crazy on the veggie options, and every single one is just as delicious as the other. Its healthy, and it makes both your mind and body happy!

Varuna Warung, Canggu

I definitely recommend eating here for both lunch or dinner. Do you fancy a night in watching a movie but you don’t want to cook? Don’t worry you can just get a take away and make your whole movie experience one you will never forget.

The address is: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.89x, Canggu, Bali. 

And they are open everyday from 08.00-22.00. 

So quick, get down to Canggu! Because Varuna Warung is worth the visit!



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