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Since I moved to Bali I met a lot of amazing people. People that have come to Bali for its beauty, the adventure, the community. But also many locals that share their passion and love with you as if they have known you all along. This shows that Bali is not just beautiful from the outside, but because of the people Bali is beautiful from the inside too.

In the last few days I met some inspirational people that don’t only want to visit Bali, but also want to leave a footprint behind. Ulla Risager is one of those people. She is the founder of an online platform named Learn with LocalsShe organises unique learning experiences that are taught by locals here in Bali. Her main target are travellers, “I want to help people travel deeper!” – Ulla. The experiences are all about connecting talented locals with travellers, learning something new and really getting to know each other.

Secret Spot Yoghurt Bar – Canggu Bali

At a local cafe named Secret Spot I joined one of the experiences. A local artist named Osh shared his passion for calligraphy and taught us his skills. A flow of creative energy and loving atmosphere made everyone comfortable and excited to get started. The Secret Spot cafe in which the experience was held is new to Canggu and is definitely a trendy place to visit! They are specialised in delicious frozen yogurt, but also serve smoothie bowls, vegan cakes, coffee and chocolates and not to forget an AMAZING Chicory affogato!

Special Chicory Affogato served by Secret Spot Yoghurt Bar – Canggu Bali

The Secret Spot cafe is beautifully designed and you feel comfortable the moment you walk in. Choose one of the delicious frozen yoghurts and go crazy with the toppings! Then sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy the relaxing vibe that this cafe gives you. This cafe may be new but it is definitely the place to go. Trendy, loving, comfortable and they serve delicious drinks and snacks! The perfect place to sit down and get started on some calligraphy!

Secret Spot Yoghurt Bar – Canggu Bali
Secret Spot Yoghurt Bar – Canggu Bali
Secret Spot Yoghurt Bar – Canggu Bali

When the group all met each other on the rooftop we took our place and got started! Local artist Osh showed us his passion and helped us create our very own calligraph! The atmosphere was great, the location amazing and we were taught from a real artist. In between all the busy drawing we had a little break in which we received the most amazing affogato with chicory coffee, home made by the Secret Spot cafe, a real treat!

Local artist Osh showing how to write calligraphy-  Learn with Locals, Bali

Another amazing thing from this experience is the fact that you can be a complete beginner! You don’t have to bring anything as everything will be ready for you! A pen, sketchbook, pencil, and plenty of practise papers were placed in a personalised bag with my name on it! (Yep, you feel pretty special!) Its beautiful and you can take the whole bag with you at the end! – So if you secretly get hooked you can continue practising at home!

Local artist Osh helping with the calligraphy –  Learn with Locals, Bali
Bag designed by Local artist Osh – Learn with Locals, Bali

The whole morning we were looked after with the props that we needed, many delicious snacks and drinks and it was held in a beautiful location by lovely people! This experience really gives you a chance to sit down and take the time to connect with a local. I definitely recommend signing up to one of many experience when you are in Bali!

Learn with Locals, Bali

This whole experience cost 250000 idr, which is about 14 pounds. And it is worth every penny! You get so much back for already an amazing price! Nevertheless, the fact that you are connecting with such lovely people and you are not only learning a new skill, but also learning about a different culture and getting involved in the life of locals in Bali, thats priceless.

For more information check out the website:  www.learnwithlocals.io

And make sure to book an experience when you are in Bali!



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