Where to go for the juiciest burger in Canggu, Bali

Who knew that a little piece of burger heaven can be found right here in Bali! Attention burger lovers because I’ve got a treat for you!

We all get those burger cravings once in a while, and when we do get them we should distil them with a proper old school burger. One thats juicy and crunchy all at the same time. One that fulfils those burger dreams, then, then it is worth it. And I know just the place where you can find that little piece of burger heaven!

Welcome to Fatboy’s Burger Bar where all your dreams come true! When I arrived at the restaurant I immediately felt at ease. The people are extremely friendly and welcome you as they escort you to your seat. As soon as we sat down we were offered a glass of water, always a good thing here in sunny Bali! You notice that the interior is very black and white (literally), but this makes everything look very clean and basic. It almost feels like this has been done to the purpose of you not getting distracted so you can completely focus on whats on your plate and what you really came for, the juicy burger!

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Bali

When you get handed over the menu your mind will go crazy as you will be reading all these amazing burgers that consist of flavours that seem so special and original. Their signature dish is known as ‘The Fat Basterd’, which as you can understand from the name is not for the weak! This burger consists of a double patty, bacon, cheddar cheese and an egg to top it all of! Although for the less brave there is a ‘wimpy’ burger with only one patty. – However this may not be too great for your confidence having to ask for the ‘wimpy’ burger in front of your friends!

The price of the ‘Fat Basterd’ burger is 125k idr (7 pounds) and the ‘Wimpy’ burger costs 99k idr (5.50 pounds).

‘Fat Basterd Burger’ – Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Bali

Their meat is imported from Australia and is very good quality, which you can taste. The burger is extremely flavoursome and juicy. While their buns are slightly toasted and remain crunchy.

The chips were perfectly evenly golden and soft from the inside and crunchy from the outside. – They felt very clean, not greasy at all. And these were apparently not even their usual chips, the chips they were so famously known for. “Our usual chips are even more crunchy! We usually top them off with a little bit of cheese, people love them!” explains our host.

But don’t worry my fellow vegans and vegetarians! There are some delicious options for us too! This restaurant offers a burger that is as juicy as a meaty burger. The ‘Big Bello’ burger consists of juicy portobello mushrooms with caramelised onions, grilled peppers, pineapple, melted cheddar cheese (for the vegetarians, vegan option possible!) on a chia seed whole meal bun! It had a slight spice but enough not to overwhelm the other flavours. The bun was still crispy and warm. Its simply delicious. This burger costs 59k idr (3.30 pounds). A second option is the vegetarian ‘Tikky Patty’, which can be replaced with any non-vegy patty in any burger! – They have become one of the first places here in Bali to give an amazing choice of vegetarian burgers for all burger lovers!

‘Big Bello Burger’ – Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Bali

When your plate is placed in front of you you notice that the presentation is very simple and clean. However, I think that that exact presentation is perfect. Because the moment you take a bite of your burger your plate becomes a mess. – And that is exactly how you are supposed to eat a burger, messy with passion! (They even have a video on ‘How to eat a burger’ on their website!)

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Bali


However, its not only the burgers that are delicious. As a treat you will have to try their milkshakes. “Our milkshakes are known to be very popular in Bali” explains our host,  “Children get the strawberry flavour, I guess it’s because of the colour..but most people go for vanilla or chocolate. – They say they are the best around”, he paused then said “But I make a special milkshake! Vanilla with peanut butter and crushed Oreo! Its very special, the best.”  My curiosity started going wild so I decided to see if this really was ‘the best’ milkshake. And, well, I will have to agree with all those other milkshake lovers, it really was amazing. The delicious and floral vanilla taste was combined with a smooth peanut butter after taste, with as a finishing touch a slight crunch from the Oreo biscuit. – This is definitely a treat!

Vanilla Milkshake with peanut butter and Oreo cookies – Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Bali

The milkshake cost 40k idr, and adding extra toppings costs 5k idr each. So if you want to taste their special milkshake (which I highly recommend you do!) it will cost you 50k idr, which is about 2.80 pounds.

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Bali

We all have experienced that sickening feeling when leaving the burger restaurant, thinking “Maybe I shouldn’t of had the double patty” or “did I need that extra large fries?”. But when leaving this restaurant our bellies were full, but we did not at all feel like everything was too much or too greasy. In fact, due to the quality of the ingredients the burger almost feels clean in some way.

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, Bali

Overall I will have to agree with all the burger lovers and say this is definitely a burger dream. A must visit when you have those burger cravings!

They are open everyday from 11.00 – 23.00.

Address is: Jalan Batu Belig No.80, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali. 

To find out more about these dreamy burgers visit www.fatboysbali.com



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