A healthy brekkie at Cafe organic

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Time to give your body a good healthy boost and get ready for another active day! I usually start my day with a large glass of green tea with fresh ginger and squeezed lemon juice! – It detoxifies your body and gives you a boost of energy on an early morning! This is because it has a hydrating effect and it improves the blood circulation in your body! It improves overall radiance but also helps improve the tone of your skin! The perfect morning elixir!

Then it is time for a good breakfast! And here in Canggu there are plenty of amazing places to go to. However, there is one rather trendy spot that is definitely worth a visit! Organic Cafe is a beautiful cafe that serves delicious and healthy meals for breakfast and lunch!

Kale Kick Juice – Organic Cafe

Starting your day with a juice full of vitamins and nutrition is the perfect start! And Organic Cafe ‘s menu is full of vibrant and delicious juices and smoothies! It makes it hard to choose! But I decided to try the ‘Kale Kick’ juice! This juice has all the greens you need but also tastes very fresh due to the cucumber and lime! It costs 39k idr (2.20 pounds) and is very refreshing, especially for hot Bali mornings!

Organic Cafe

Accompany your green juice with one of the delicious smoothy bowls! As I decided to have a ‘green’ morning I tried the ‘Green Guaranja’ smoothy bowl! It is very green but it is also filled with iron – great for those vegans keeping up a healthy diet! This smoothy bowl costs 65k idr, which is about 3.60 pounds! However there are more delicious and fruity smoothy bowls with toppings such as crunchy granola, seeds and nuts!

‘Green Guaranja’ smoothy bowl – Organic Cafe

To top of your amazing and healthy breakfast finish with a delicious cappuccino! Their coffee is very good but they also offer lots of different drinks such as Chai Latte or Matcha latte! They also serve different types of milk such as almond milk, coconut milk or bonsoy milk, but my favourite is coconut milk! It makes the coffee naturally sweet and gives it an amazing taste! A Cappuccino costs 29k idr (1.60 pounds), for an extra 10k idr (60 p) you can choose one of the different types of milk! (Try the coconut milk!) To see the whole menu click here!

Coconut cappuccino – Organic Cafe

If you want to go and get yourself one of these amazing breakfasts (which I highly recommend you do!) then come on over to beautiful Canggu!

The address is: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No.58, Canggu, Kuta Utara

They are open every day at 7.00-17.00 

Enjoy fellow breakfast lovers! X



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