Feel GOLDEN at Goldust Beauty Lounge, Canggu

Feel GOLDEN at Goldust Beauty Lounge, Canggu

When in Bali it is rather hard not to find some kind of calmness. You practise yoga, you tend to have a healthier diet, you listen to the birds and the rustling palm-trees. Bali has its sneaky magical power that will enlighten you whether you are looking for it or not.

But if you decide to get even more relaxed or you are just looking to pamper yourself and/or others then I know just the place for you. Here you will find a little piece of heaven.

Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali

You will find this little piece of heaven in the beautiful Canggu. Goldust is a spa in which you can completely let yourself be spoiled from head to toe. The moment you set step into the shop you can feel the relaxing vibe. The environment feels fresh and calm. Bright and vibrant colours of the beautiful dresses and fabrics that hang in the shop immediately catch your eye. Its pulling you into a wonderful world of beauty and fashion! Jewellery is elegantly laid out on the table in the middle of the shop and every delicate necklace or earring looks stunning. I spend a long time browsing through the beautiful fabrics and dresses until I finally made my choice! – Honestly, you will not leave the shop for a while as you keep seeing more beautiful things, making your choice harder and harder. When wearing one of their dresses you will notice that the quality of the fabric feels amazing. It delicately lays on your skin giving it an airy and soft effect. Making you look and feel like a Bali fairy!

Shop at Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali
Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali
Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali

After completely being zoned out in their beautiful shop I got told it was time for my treatment. – My excitement quickly turned into utter relaxation. I was shown to the second floor on which you will find an absolutely stunning room. Here you get seated in an extremely comfortable chair in which you just melt away. You are offered the most amazing fresh ginger tea, giving you both a little wake up kick, but puts you at ease due to its warmth and its sweet honey after taste. The watermelon bites next to your tea will give you a little fresh and sweet bite for when you finish your relaxing massage. As you have been in a relaxed position for the last hour you will slowly be putting some movement into your body again, and by drinking your hot tea and taking a bite from the fresh watermelon it will make you feel fresh from both the inside and outside.

Stairway to heaven – Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali
Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali
Fresh ginger tea and watermelon bites – Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali

I received a massage named ‘The Stress Buster massage’. (60 minutes – 240k Idr/ 90 minutes – 340k Idr) It truly is amazing and it definitely does true to its name. Stress falls of your shoulders and you are relaxed and comfortable. The massage included amazingly smelling oils, and hot stones creating both a suiting effect but also makes your muscles feel relaxed and you can feel any tension drift away.

Getting ready for my treatment – Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali
GOLD collagen eye treatment – Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali

I definitely recommend you to get the 24k GOLD facial (90 minutes – 1.450k Idr- around 80.40 Bp) or the GOLD collagen eye treatment (150k Idr- around 8.30 Bp). They both leave your skin feel fresh and beautiful. The mask is made of ingredients that slow down collagen depletion, increases skin’s elasticity, lightens the skin’s complexion, stimulates the cells making the skin firm, improves blood circulation and prevents premature ageing! – I mean what is not to love!

If you feel like your golden treatment was so amazing but you won’t have time to go back to the spa, you won’t have to worry. In the shop you will be able to buy products such as creams and the GOLD collagen eye mask which you can apply yourself.

GOLD collagen eye treatment and other products – Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali
Goldust Beauty lounge, Canggu Bali

Their treatments (especially the Golden treatments) are rather popular so make sure to book in advance. I definitely recommend you to visit this little piece of heaven, whether this is with your man, your best friend or just by yourself, it will leave everyone feeling calm, beautiful and Golden!

Tip: Visiting this beautiful spa is the best activity if you are on your honeymoon or when you are celebrating something special such as a hens party! – And for the ultimate relaxation choose one of their ‘spa packages’ for a true golden treat!

The address is: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.66, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia

They are open from Tuesday until Sunday from 9am – 8pm, and Mondays 9am – 6pm. 

For more information or bookings visit www.Goldustbali.com

Get ready to feel GOLDEN X 


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