Breakfast at the 1st Banana Flour Bakery, Canggu Bali

Breakfast at the 1st Banana Flour Bakery, Canggu Bali

When you live in Bali it is easy to adapt to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Positive vibes seem to take over the island and creates this energy that you have never felt before. In fact, the energy is so strong that you never want to live without it anymore. I believe this is one of the reasons why you meet so many amazing people when you start living in this beautiful place. People are passionate about what they do and about life itself – but then again when you live in Bali its hard not to wake up with a smile on your face! Nevertheless, people always seem to return to this beautiful place and tend not to leave – instead they built up their lives here full of passion and happiness!

Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali

The perfect example is the owner of a cafe named Made’s Banana Flour Co. Four years ago she returned to Canggu for the second time and found herself walking over the beach creating the idea of opening the first banana flour bakery! And whats a better place to open it right here in Canggu!

Since then she pursued her dream and opened the doors to her cafe only a year ago! These days its already considered to be one of the trendiest cafes in Canggu and it is the first ever banana flour bakery!

As soon as you walk into the tiny but extremely cute cafe you can feel an amazing vibe. You can feel that passion has been put in this place but also in the food that is being made. An amazing atmosphere is being created in the kitchen and an echo of laughter makes its way through the cafe. Banana bread is made with a smile while everyone joins in singing an Indonesian song – this food is definitely made with love!

Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali
Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali

Every dish on their exciting menu is made with banana flour and is 100% gluten free. The flour itself is produced from green bananas from local farmers. Hereby they support locals by buying what is left over from the harvest. These bananas are high in resistant starch and are basically sugar-free! Research even showed that increased resistant starch intake may reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and colon cancer – this cafe is definitely supporting a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali

As I mentioned before their menu is full of vibrant and healthy dishes! But as its all made with banana flour everything has its own twist. A MUST try are the matcha banana pancakes. (They are full of flavour and extremely fluffy! You get a hint of banana and the matcha flavour is perfectly balanced and not too overpowering. Drizzle them with maple syrup and you will find yourself in breakfast heaven!

Matcha banana pancakes – Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali

However, their home made bread is also definitely something special. The bread is soft from the inside but has a crunchy crust. You can get a hint of the banana flavour but this does not become too overpowering. Its absolutely delicious and definitely the most special bread I have ever tasted. Order the avocado on toast and it will definitely make your morning! The smooth avocado is full of flavour and is a PERFECT match with the crunchy bread with a hint of banana! They also sell loafs of bread for you to take and enjoy at home!

To top of your perfect breakfast you should definitely try one of their amazing cappuccinos with coconut milk (30k Idr / 1.70 Gbp). When you take your first sip you will received a pleasant surprise! The coconut milk has little pieces of rasped coconut creating a smooth but textured milk. I honestly never thought that it would work but it actually creates an amazing drink – coffee with a twist!

Avocado on toast – Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali
Fresh bread – Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali

Made’s Banana Bakery does not only put its passion in their food, but also in helping people around us. They supply their bananas from local farmers but are also busy in building local schools for homeless children that found themselves with no particular skill. To help them they will be taught skills such as baking in order to help them prepare for their future. If you would like to support them then you can already show this by simply buying this cool t-shirt, which you will find in their cafe!

Pre-made mixes- Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali

Once you visit I can guarantee you that you cannot get enough of their banana deliciousness! So why not take home their recipe and bake some yourself! In the cafe you can buy all kind of pre-made mixes and become a pro chef in your own kitchen!

I definitely recommend you to visit this beautiful cafe. Sit down or even take home some of their delicious breads or cakes and enjoy their freshly made goodness!

They are open Monday to Saturday from 8am – 6pm and Sundays from 8am – 5pm.

The address is: 41 Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali 


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