Where to get your old school tattoo in Bali


Many tourists that come to Bali find themselves wanting a tattoo at the end of their holiday. These tattoos usually end up being something like a classic wave or a star – yes very original. However, if you are one of the few that are actually looking for a place that can help you invest in a safe and amazing looking tattoo then there are a few tattoo shops you can go. In fact, there are over 700 tattoo shops in Bali. One better than the other of course. However, people that love old-school – attention! Because this is the number one tip for you!

Hundred Brothers Social Club is a tattoo shop that you will find in Kuta. They mainly focus on creating old school / traditional tattoos.  They are a shop full of talent and passion.

As you walk into the shop you can immediately feel a relaxing vibe. You can feel the artistic flow and positive energy. With some crazy and beautiful drawings on the wall you can’t help but feel excited and uplifted due to the bright colours.


Hundred Brothers Social Club – Kuta, Bali
Hundred Brothers Social Club – Kuta, Bali


I had the honours to meet a tattoo artist with the most amazing artistic skills. With a steady hand and creative mind he managed to create a masterpiece. To find out more about this amazing artist follow him on Instagram: Gunz_tattoo


Gunz_tattoo – Hundred Brothers Social Club – Kuta, Bali


I definitely recommend this tattoo shop to any tattoo lover. The shop has high hygiene standards, the artists are extremely nice and uplifting and most important of all, you will be going home with a unique piece of art!


Where to go

The address is: Legian Kaja Street no.460X Kuta, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Opening times: 10am – 20pm

For more information or just curious to see some more work then follow the artists on Instagram: Hbsc_baliGunz_tattoo


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