Exploring Gili Trawangan

Early mornings don’t seem to be as bad when you wake up in Bali. I never used to be a morning person when I was living in London, but there is something beautiful about waking up with the birds while a tropical rain is pouring down.


An early morning is definitely not bad knowing you are going to take the next boat with as destination Gili Trawangan!

If you ever find yourself wanting to take the boat from Bali to the Gili Islands I definitely recommend you to take the early boat leaving in the morning. The water will still be calm and you will have an amazing trip. Relax on the deck and enjoy a beer in the sun. However, if you take the afternoon boat the sea is more likely to get a little ruff. Trust me when I say, take the early boat if you have a weak stomach.


We all know those typical dreamy images of a white beach, palm trees hanging over the sand with turquoise water in the background. Well, once you set your first step of the boat into the sand you will feel like you set step into that exact image. Its dreamy, its beauty is overwhelming and you will find yourself speechless.


Gili Trawangan is an island with a circumference of about 7 km, which means you can go explore and cycle around this beautiful place in under 2 hours. In fact, you will have to either walk, cycle or use horse and cart to move around. There are no cars or motorcycles as there are no real roads and the island is so small, you wouldn’t need it anyway.

Personally I believe that this is amazing. A step back from reality and back to our roots and appreciate and respect nature.


The island may be small, but it offers so much. By staying here you learn to appreciate the little things and it teaches you that you don’t need much to live a happy life. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants offering amazing food. Fish caught just a few hours before and cooked on the grill right in front of you. After dinner grab a drink and enjoy the nightlife, dance away with locals to the full moon. You are also surrounded by the most beautiful water with vibrant coloured fish from the size of little Nemo’s to big sharks. Go snorkelling, diving, exploring, sailing. Or enjoy the sunset while riding a beautiful horse on the white beach with its feet in the water.


This island is beautiful from the inside out. You really have to experience it to feel the atmosphere and true beauty of this dreamy place. I will be returning very soon and I will tell you guys all about the beautiful spots and hotels! Trust me, soon you will be booking your very own ticket!

P.s. Instagram lovers – there are plenty of swings to take an Instagram friendly picture!



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