Two of the best markets in Kuala Lumpur


As I woke up from rain ticking against my window I opened my eyes and looked outside. I don’t remember my window having an orange tint? I sharpen my eyes and realised that it wasn’t the window, it was the world outside that turned gold. I jumped up (like any photographer does) slipped over the slippy wooden floor in an attempt to grab my camera out of my bag that was placed across the room. I ran to the roof and was stunned by the golden glow that took over the streets of Kuala Lumpur. What a morning to wake up to and what a first impression this city gave me.




I stayed at The Face Suits which will give you this beautiful view to wake up to. I had my morning swim with my head literally in the clouds. It was the perfect way to start a busy day!




When walking around you will notice the strong contrast between the newly build skyscrapers and the decayed houses and temples. As I wondered around I noticed that this city isn’t only about its insane structure, its food is a whole different story. While getting lost in the streets I found some of the best places to enjoy a vegan meal. From eating with my hands and using a banana leaf as a plate, to having lunch with monks! Click here to find out where to find these places!





Jalan petaling market

After an amazing lunch we wondered around until we walked into the Jalan petaling market. This night market has a great atmosphere and is always packed with people. You can buy all kinds of goodies but you can also sit down for a meal at one of the terraces. Its vibrant lights light up the street and creates a beautiful image and vibe.


Jalan petaling market

Taman Connaught night market

At this night market you will find the craziest atmosphere full of great vibes. The love of food is in the air and you will be able to eat at a lot of different places serving different meals. Terraces take over the street and a crowd admires the food stands that are placed around.

As I was admiring the stands I found the most delicious coconut ice-cream ever! A fresh coconut is split in half, the coconut inside is scraped together and on top they will place the most amazing coconut ice-cream! Doesn’t it just sound like a coconut dream? Click here to find out where you can find this little piece of coconut heaven on the market!


Taman Connaught night market



Images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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And my Canon EOS 6D Mark II


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    1. It really was magical!! If you ever get the chance to visit I definitely recommend you to go and check it out, its a special place!

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