Fresh bagels and juice at the ultimate breakfast spot – Bagel & Juice


Bagel & Juice is one of my favourite spots in Eindhoven. I love going here for breakfast, lunch or have a quick bagel to go. It’s an amazing spot where you can sit outside and overlook one of the cosiest streets in the whole city. It has a lovely and welcoming atmosphere and of course, most important of all, they make THE best bagels!


What to have


The Force Juice (S €4.25/£3.70, L €5.75/£5) is the ultimate green juice that will make you feel fresh and amazing! It consists of spinach, mint, lime, kiwi and orange which adds a little sweetness. Perfect for a clean morning juice to wake up feeling great!

For breakfast or lunch I absolutely love the ‘Vega Bagel(€5.20/£4.50)This bagel consist of hummus, avocado, rucola, tomato, red onion and sunflower seeds. You can choose between different types of bagels such as wholegrain, sesame, sun-dried tomato or cinnamon raisin (which are perfect for the more sweet bagel lovers). However, I always order this bagel with the multigrain bread. I love how crispy and full of flavour it is. The smooth avocado and hummus combined with the crispy rucola and sunflower seeds is the ultimate combination of textures. I always love how vegan food is a combination of interesting flavours and this bagel represents that perfectly!

While eating my bagel I always love to have a ‘fresh grapefruit juice’ (S €3.75/£3.30, L €4.95/£4.30). Even though some people think its a little bitter I think it has a delicious flavour and I love how refreshing it is. It also has a lot of health benefits including that it helps you digest (perfect for after lunch) and it has a lot less sugar than normal orange juice!



Where to go


Bagel & Juice is open everyday from 8am – 6pm and its address is Kleine Berg 19 in Eindhoven.


I’m sure you will love this spot just as much as I do! Make sure to sit outside, grab some sunshine and enjoy a fresh juice, bagel and finish of with a delicious coffee! It’s both the perfect breakfast and lunch! Enjoy!


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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2 thoughts on “Fresh bagels and juice at the ultimate breakfast spot – Bagel & Juice

  1. I have never had a bagel they aren’t popular in Cape Town where I stay. There are only two places that serve them. But your post has sparked my interest in bagels. Think I should go hunt down a bagel soonish.

    1. Bagels are absolutely delicious! You can also make them at home really easily so you can personalise them and make them as delicious as you want!

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