No, I am not lying. Nor am I just writing this because I am excited for the owners of this new amazing beer brand, who happen to be dear friends. – I am honest enough to tell you guys if I thought this beer wasn’t good, trust me, you would know. But here I go, to the launch of German Kraft, full of excitement and curiosity. As I arrive he already has his hands on the tap as he proudly pours me a glass. I take my first sip which lead into a smile! Lets just say, one glass quickly led to another! (And maybe another..and another…)


Meet the 3 friends that created German Kraft! They claim that they aren’t “super crafty beer maniacs”, but ” just want to share the true German traditional recipes and serve in its freshest form to the people of London!”


This beer is so unique in its taste, so smooth, so much flavour. But exactly the flavour a fresh beer should taste like. I honestly have never tasted anything like it.

Now, in order to get this unique taste they made some unique adjustments when creating this golden liquid.

They use a specific water technology that allows them to clean the water before brewing, which will flush out all the drugs, hormones and unwanted chemicals. They then mineralise the water to the perfect standard of the beer that they wish to brew at that exact time. They also never add any preservatives, which makes it the freshest and cleanest beer out there! – And that you can surely taste!!


The best thing is, soon you will be able to find them in Mercato Metropolitano (London, Elephant & Castle). Where you can find yourself falling in love with a beer you have never tasted before! They aim to be brewing and serving their first beer by November! You may not have the patience to wait so long, but trust me, it will be worth the wait! You will be hearing a lot more about these three guys and their amazing beer! So keep your eyes open for the opening date, as you wont want to miss it!



Top 1 place to go in Hampstead (London)

Guess what day it was yesterday.. SUNDAY FUNDAY. And what better way to start your Sunday-funday with a coffee and cake from Gail’s Bakery. As you walk in you can smell the fresh cakes and brioches blending in with the smell of coffee. The smell works almost like a drug on your brain making you stutter as the waiter asks what you would like to have, but you just stand there as your eyes go back and forward scanning the endless choice of delicious treats. – To make things easier for myself (but also for everyone else standing in line behind me), I always ask what the waiter thinks is the best choice. What do they think is the most delicious thing there, I mean, they must know best right?! (At least I would if I worked there, I would of tried the whole menu twice.)


Gail’s Bakery – 64 Hampstead High St, Belsize Park, London NW3 1QH

Hampstead is lovely to walk around in. There are many cute restaurants and cafes located in small streets. You can also lay in the park or dip yourself in one of the many ponds on a sunny day! There are a few special ponds to be found if you want to go somewhere different one day! For the ladies there is a ‘Ladies only!’ pond where you can enjoy the sun half naked if you like! No man to be found just a lot of women chatting, swimming, sunbathing and gossiping about life! Also there are no phones, music, alcohol, or cameras allowed, so you can fully relax! Not to worry guys, there is an identical pond a little further which is just for man!


But for the highlight of your day out in Hampstead you HAVE to go to the famous La Creperie de Hampstead. It is located on Hampstead HighStreet and it is easy to find. If you see a long line queueing in front of a small window, and seeing people walk away with the biggest smile on their face, you are in the right place. And trust me, you will want to join the end of the line, because it is definitely worth the wait!


They make both savoury and sweet crepes right in front of your eyes. They have the most amazing menu with insane combinations of flavours. It almost makes you want to just try them all. – And why don’t you! No one will blame you!!


When I finally made my choice and got handed my crepe, I couldn’t wait any longer and took my first bite. I can honestly say this is the best crepe I have ever had. The corners are crispy and buttery. The inside still warm and full of flavour. With every bite you take you wish that the crepe would never finish. This place is a must when you are in Hampstead. And as today is Monday, what’s a better way to finish your Monday with a smile on your face! Go on, you know you want one! – I know I do!!








After drinking many (but many, many) coffee’s in different restaurants and cafe’s in Chelsea, I have now discovered the ultimate place to get your golden brew!!

I walked past it many times and always wanted to go in but somehow I always had to run past it having no time to sit down. So I repeatedly told myself “ok, I’ll definitely go next time”. And so 2 days ago that time finally came!! – And now I repeatedly tell myself “why didn’t you go earlier!! WHY!!!”


Muni is a beautiful cafe located on Fulham road. With seats both inside and outside you can distinguish the tanned sun lovers sitting outside in the heat, from the shadow seekers crowded around the ventilators inside. But both with a smile on their face, as they are sipping on their cup of coffee brewed to perfection.

Muni is owned by a couple who found their passion in coffee and decided to share this passion by bringing the best coffee from the farms in the Philippines all the way to London! “Filipino arabica is one of the finest coffees in the world. And yet, no specialty coffee shop in London serves it. We thought it’s about time that changes and started Muni! We want Muni Coffee Shop to be a place to share great tasting coffee, but even more than that, to be a place to share and appreciate life.” – And appreciate we definitely do! The only thing that I would like to say is, thank you! Thank you for sharing your dream with us and creating the opportunity of letting us taste a little bit of heaven!


Coffee from the Philippines


Apart from their amazing coffee, (which should already be a reason to run to Fulham road right now) they also have insanely tasty cakes, brioches, bowls, juices and many more deliciousness! It is the perfect place to go and visit anytime of the day and they offer something that anyone will love! Have a vegan banana bread, a Ube cookie (a delicious fruity cookie, a Filipino delicacy- which you HAVE to try), or try a fancy avocado on toast! They offer a perfect combination between original and delicious recipes, and recipes that come straight from the Philippines! – Which for sure will blow your mind!! (Seriously, go try the Ube cookie!!)



Muni coffee


Together with their delicious food, comforting as well as fresh interior design ( which creates the best working space) , they also have amazingly sweet and helpful staff. – Who btw made me try a cappuccino with oat milk, thank you for making my life even better!!


Ube Crinkles, a Filipino delicacy


Cappuccino with oat milk, espresso and overnight oats bowl


Ice Matcha Latte


So trust me when I say, this is the place with THE best coffee in Chelsea. You will find the best cakes, breakfast and lunch and you will notice the calm vibe as soon as you walk in! Perfect place to simply read a book or get some work done! So go on, find your way to Fulham road, you know you deserve that nice caffe latte! Here is the address, so you can get up and find your way there quicker! 166 Fulham Road, SW10 9PR! If you are quick you will probably see me there, I think I’ll order another!!

Cuteness overload!

If you love something so much, why not carry an overload with you wherever you go! I have this obsession for fruit and vegetables! (being vegan definitely helps!!) Travelling to different countries gives you the opportunity to discover all kinds of different fruits and vegetables! – Which I am obsessed with! I mean look at the fruit Rambutan! Isn’t it just crazy!!


So when I was walking down the market and said “Bonjour” for the 5th time to the old men at the fruit stand I decided to fill my straw beach bag full with fruit! – I may or may not have gone a bit crazy with the baby pineapples.. (Next to being insanely cute they are also so sweet and juicy!!)


Now, let me introduce you to the new member of the family! – Who as you can see is already as obsessed with fruit as I am!!

Meet BUDDY! He is a Border Collie of 8 weeks old and is already a little trouble maker! Side by side we will take on the world! (And steal lots and lots of pineapples!!!) If you follow me on Instagram you will see in what kind of mischief he will get himself and what his travels are like by my side!



From St-Tropez to Holland where I picked up this little cuteness overload, to taking the next plane to London! Late night flight, an espresso to take me through the evening and a pineapple in my pocket! London here I come!!


Late night beach, fairy lights and fat boys.

I hear soft footsteps running past my closed door. Like a little puppy she gallops down the hallway. Its silent for a second. I look at the door, the door handle slowly moves down as I hear her whisper, “Britttttttt, Britttttttt, wake upppppp, I’m awakeee”.

Meet my little niece. She is the most beautiful little trouble maker. She’s an angel with mischievous wings.


As I woke up being pulled out of my bed by her tiny hands I decided to have my routine morning walk and find my way past the markets to the bakery. The early morning is my favourite time of the day. As you walk in the small roads of St-Maxime windows are being opened, faces appear through the window as they yawn and nod as you walk past. Chairs are being set up for the early birds to have their coffee in the morning sunlight.  The smell of ripe fruit finds its way through the streets. Even birds are still at ease and sing their morning song as you walk past. Everything is at peace. It’s the most magical time of the day.



Wearing jacket from Ivory Stitch


It’s another hot day and what’s better to have a dive in the most beautiful water and say bonjour to the fish! I went to my favourite beach in St-Tropez named Indie Beach. This isn’t your typical St-Tropez beach (which is why I like it so much!).  You notice a tropical vibe overflows as you walk in. The two parakeets welcome you inside and you will notice your feet start to move to the rhythm of the Brazilian music.

Since a few days now they started to keep the beach open at night. As I was there on the day they were staying open for the first time this summer I got curious and decided to stay for dinner. Best. Decision. Ever. The beds on the beach were swapped for Fat Boy bean bags. The fairy lights turned on, which you dine under. The sea becomes darker, the lights become lighter. The vibe becomes stronger and the music becomes louder. You dine underneath the palm trees and fairy lights as you take a bite of the most fresh fish smoked in a fire in front of your eyes. But wait, the best is yet to come. As you sit enjoying your view, listening to the birds sing a long to the music you see the waiter coming towards you. He smiles and puts down the most amazing plate in front of you, there it is, the most perfect Tarte Fine you will ever taste! – Just the Tarte fine is worth going to Indie beach for!!

I definitely recommend this beach when in St-Tropez! For the vibe, the food, the people! I love it, and trust me, so will you!


St Tropez – breakfast with sailors

So there I sat, surrounded by croissants and bread. In the middle of a busy terrace while overlooking the countless sailing boats parked in the harbour. Each one of them branded with a huge sticker and flag saying Rolex. When I turn away from the boats I notice that I am surrounded by guys dressed in white, white sailing costumes.

I understand why all the sailors tend to have breakfast here! I ordered yoghurt with granola which wasn’t only beautiful but also really delicious! Really fresh and crunchy which is perfect for a warm morning! I do have to say, the espresso wasn’t very good. They make it way too watery and bitter. However, others had ordered the cappuccino and did say that they were really good! So when you decide to try out this place order a cappuccino, not an espresso. – But definitely go for the yoghurt and granola!!

Ever year The Rolex Cup is organised in St Tropez, which is a great event! It lasts for a week and is an amazing experience! The boats are all parked in the harbour of St-Tropez which gives an amazing view. When looking over the water you see countless sailing boats just flying over the water.

Anywhere you walk and look over the sea the view is amazing. Especially when the sun goes down and the boats are still on the water. The lights of the towns light up. The mountains become foggy and the sun reflects the light of the sunset. Its crazy.




Breakfast heaven!

Bonjour my fellow breakfast lovers! I’d like to think I started my morning right by walking down the street and finding myself in breakfast heaven! I ordered in my best French (while a lady was smiling at me) all the brioches I could smell while walking down the street!


Whats breakfast heaven if it doesn’t include a smoothie! Just a little further down the road I could hear the fruit boxes being stacked on top of each other. As I walked around the corner the colours of the fruit were blooming against the pale background. This shop named Hierbas in St-Maxime doesn’t only sell fresh pressed juices and smoothies but also home-made food such as sandwiches and granola! For the vegans/vegetarians under us, they have some amazing options! The best thing is, you can just drop by and they will make everything in no time in order for you to be on your way and enjoy something delicious and healthy!


Hierbas, 11 rue Courbet, 83120 SAINTE MAXIME


Hierbas, 11 rue Courbet, 83120 SAINTE MAXIME


Hierbas, 11 rue Courbet, 83120 SAINTE MAXIME


Hierbas, 11 rue Courbet, 83120 SAINTE MAXIME



Hierbas, 11 rue Courbet, 83120 SAINTE MAXIME

The view from our apartment is mind-blowing. I feel so lucky to be waking up to this view every morning while dipping my warm croissant in my coffee. We booked this apartment using Airbnb which honestly was the most pleasant, quick and amazing service ever! Obviously we decided we wanted to try and get this apartment very quickly, and by our surprise we got a reply very quickly too! This is the second year we have been here now, and we are not planning to leave anytime soon!


Best contemporary art galleries in St-Tropez

I have always had a passion for art! Lately I have started to appreciate contemporary art more and more and I decided to look for the best art galleries in St-Tropez! After walking in and out of different galleries many times I finally found my two favourites! They sell their art and change their collection rather quickly. – So go visit soon before you miss out!

These are some of my favourite pieces! You will love their variety of original and creative pieces which will not only inspire you, but also make you fall in love with contemporary art! – That is if you weren’t in love already!

The names of the shops are Galerie des Lices and Bel Air Fine Art. They are located in the heart of St-Tropez and are actually very close to each other. So you can walk from one gallery to the other!  

Favourite beach in town

Here I am, sitting outside with my feet up. Writing this blog overlooking the harbour of St-Maxime. It’s still warm. The swallows are flying above me, but seem to dive back down closer to the ground, they say this means thunder is on it’s way.

Today I went back to my what is my favourite beach in St-Tropez right now! Unlike many other beaches here this one is rather small. – One of the reasons why I like it so much! I walk in and they recognise me, even the parakeets they have standing in the middle of the terrace start shouting and singing, I guess they recognised me too!


“Britt, would you like an espresso?” he says in a french accent trying his hardest to speak out my name, in which he thinks is the correct way. “I guess they have realised I have a coffee addiction” I thought while I quickly nodded and smiled.

You can walk to the sea and have a swim with the fish. – If they don’t start nibbling on your feet. Dangle your feet down while sitting in one of the wooden hanging chairs with a juice in your hand. Or have an amazing lunch while listening to Brazilian music while the parakeets sing along in the background. It’s a magical beach!





Favourite beach in St-Tropez!

As soon as I wake up I love to open my windows and feel the warmth coming through finding its way inside. The sun shines on my face as I watch people go by. I can hear the bells of the church playing a song I recognise. It’s early, but I believe thats what makes it so peaceful. I love mornings. I never was a morning person, at least I thought I wasn’t. Until I actually woke up early one day, thats when I recognised how peaceful and magical mornings really are. It’s like the whole world is still half asleep, slowly waking up.


After having dipped my crispy croissant in my coffee we took the boat from St-Maxime to St-Tropez were we found a cute beach! Indie beach is were we laid down our towels and immediately felt comfortable! It is an incredible beach with the best view, extremely nice people and it just has this amazing vibe. The place is designed using a mix between trendy, oriental and hippy influences. There is a bar, beds, restaurant and even extremely comfortable big beds in order for you to really put your feet up! Its a really nice place to spend your beach day at, but also just to have lunch at! The menu already looked amazing when I first read it and the more I read the more I got indecisive! – I kind of just wanted to taste it all! We decided to get the burrata and a quinoa salad, which were both incredible! This place will definitely make your body and mind happy! – Just eat your belly round (with healthy and delicious food!) and have a siesta with your feet in the sand and the sound of waves in the background!