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Tropical raw Açaí Bowl

I love to start my day full of energy! I stretch my arms and yawn while I put on the kettle and squeeze some lemon juice in my cup. Green tea with a piece of fresh ginger and lemon juice is what I like to wake up to! Of course it doesn’t take long for […]


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I have been vegan for quite a while now, and I personally feel like it is the best diet for me. It makes both my body and mind happy! Many people believe that becoming a vegan is very hard and repetitive. – The amount of times I got told “all you vegans eat are salads”, […]

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I have discovered PLANTAINS

I started my day with the most amazing coffee in Chelsea! (Seriously, read my article about this cafe, you will fall in love.) Yet another day I spend at least 10 min deciding what kind of deliciousness I will have for breakfast. Today I couldn’t resist Muni’s amazingly smelling fresh croissant! It is everything you […]

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Simple & Healthy Granola

  Starting the morning with my delicious home-made granola doesn’t only satisfy my healthy cravings, it also feels like I am finally satisfying those sweet cravings I have had for days! This home made granola topped with fresh berries and almond milk makes you smile and jump out of bed even if you aren’t a […]

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Summery couscous salad

The sun is shining!! Perfect timing for this vegan couscous salad full of nutrition but extremely low on calories to keep that summer body going!! Couscous is a great alternative to rice or pasta if you want to stay low on the calories but still eat some carbs! Perfect for a pre-workout or just as […]

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