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Let’s work together!

If you are looking to collaborate by wanting to promote on my website and social media platform then simply send me an email! If I find that your business fits my lifestyle we can get started on a customised collaboration and I will be able to introduce you to a whole new audience!

Cafes and restaurants 

I am always searching for the best vegan hotspots that I can recommend to my followers all over the world! If you own a place that you think I should come and visit then let me know! I would love to come over, take some pictures and write about my experience on my website.


I am always looking for new spots and activities that support living a healthy and happy lifestyle in any way or form! Do you own a place such as a yoga studio, spa, sports bar or any other activity that will support a healthy lifestyle and you would like me to come and check it out then simply send me an email!


During my travels I am always on the look out for unique spots, hotels and resorts. Any places or adventures that leave an impression I will recommend to my followers! If you own a spot that you think I should come and visit then simply drop me an email! I would love to come by, take some pictures and write about my experience on my website!


Lifestyle and food brands

If you have a product that you would like me to try or you believe your product fits my lifestyle let me know! If I find that it does indeed fit my brand then I can start to recommend it to my audience – who knows, I might even become a loyal costumer myself!


For a portfolio request please email me, il be happy to share it with you!

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