Who Is Britt?

This is me

Since I was young I have had butterflies in my stomach telling me to go and discover the world. I was born in Holland, moved to England when I was twelve and graduated in Journalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Arts in London when I was twenty-one.

Any free moments I was given in-between my busy city life, I would be on a plane with my camera around my neck and a matcha latte in my hand – on my way to a new adventure! 

Why I started this project 

Over the years I have discovered many beautiful places. But this wasn’t the only thing I discovered, I also discovered myself. I found out that my passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle started to play a much bigger role in my life.

In-between the jet lags and touring around countries it wasn’t all happy days as you may have pictured. My father had been diagnosed with colon cancer when I was twelve years old. This became a big part of my life. Health, food, happiness and appreciation of life itself became more important every day. 

It was when my father passed away in 2016 when I decided to start this blog to promote a healthy and vegan lifestyle. This diet has been proven to potentially help or even prevent serious illnesses like my fathers. I want to raise awareness and help others in their journey to a better, healthy and happy life. I want to show that this diet can be adapted by anyone and anywhere! 

So follow me on a journey discovering a healthy, vegan and happy lifestyle all around the world!