Bali Paws – The perfect gifts for your pet while supporting Bali dogs in need!

When I came to Bali I quickly came across a brand named Bali Paws, and it was love at first sight! Not only did I fall in love with their cute bandanas which were perfect for my own little puppies! But I also fell in love with the story behind the brand.

Bali has a lot of stray dogs walking around the island which need help. If you are an animal lover like I am its hard to ignore these beautiful puppies. But here is a great way so you too can help!


Willow was rescued by Bali Paws – wearing the ‘Stella Starlight‘ bandana


Bali Paws raises funds for dogs in need through each item they sell. They offer the cutest bandanas for your doggy or cat and many more handmade accessories and toys! (which btw are the perfect gifts for Christmas!) 30% of each item sold will be donated to a rescue organisation here in Bali named Mission Pawsible which help Bali dogs in need! At times when a doggy has been rescued they will donate 100% of the profits to help this little fellow get back on his feet as soon as possible! This really shows that its not any charity, its personal, its lovable and you can help support it!



Each bandana costs 100.000 Idr, which is only 5 pounds/6 dollars. With supporters and clients all over the world they will ship products to you wherever you may be! This means you could help rescue doggies in Bali even when you are miles away!



If you do find yourself in Bali here are a few shops and markets where you can buy these beautiful gifts from:

Bali Pet Island

Ivy on Echo Beach

Sit and Stay 

Matcha Cafe

BGS Bali Uluwatu 

Sunset Vet

Old Mans Market, Canggu

Sanur Market 

Love Anchor Market, Canggu 


Owner of Bali Paws Libby is holding rescued dog Willow – wearing matching ‘The Red Stripes‘ bandanas


Bali Paws is owned by an amazing lady named Libby. She lives in Bali and is the most passionate and kind person you will ever meet. With her heart full of love she stumbles across doggies that need help and doesn’t think twice about hopping them on her scooter and takes care of them until they are adopted by a loving family.

Bali Paws is on a mission to help dogs in need everywhere on this beautiful island. Help rescue these puppies by simply purchasing a gift for your own puppy on!

Remember, Christmas is on its way! And whats a better gift for both your own puppy as well as for a puppy in need!