Vegan Burger in Como – Mystic Burger


When walking around in Como you’ll get lost in its fairytale labyrinth. On every corner there is a coffee bar and around lunch time the smell of Pasta Pomodoro fills the streets. However, when following your nose a little longer you’ll be pulled into another authentic side street in which you’ll find a cafe named Mystic Burger. This cafe doesn’t only look cute they also serve the most tasty vegan burger in the whole of Como.


What to have

You come here for a real burger experience and don’t you worry the Vegan Burger will give you the full package! Your first bite into this burger is a true mouthful. Whether you are vegan or not, when craving a burger you are looking for the whole experience. You want to use your hands, take a bite of a burger that should obviously be too big to fit in your mouth while the sauce slowly drips from the back onto your hands. You want to get down and dirty and believe me, this burger will tick all those boxes!

The Vegan Burger (€11,- with sides €14,-) consists of a vegetable patty, layered with a tomato & baked black olive salad, topped with a vegan fruit cheese and served in a homemade wholewheat bun. It’s a burger which is rich with lots of different flavours and textures. As you take a bite the vegan cheese will drip down your hands and the fresh flavour of the salad will kick in. Each bite is the combination of crunchy and fluffy textures. This includes the bread, it’s fluffy with a slight crunchy layer on the outside – super delicious!

The side dishes consist of fries and a freshly made salad. The fries look hand cut and are crispy from the outside while fluffy from the inside. Also to add a little healthy twist they serve it with a side salad of spelt, mixed veggies and beans. Its something I have never had as a side to a burger before, but I honestly love it. Its a little health kick that tastes amazing and even when ordering a kick-ass burger you also fuel your body with veggies – win win!



Where to go


Mystic Burger is open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00-1:00 and closed on Monday. 

Their address is Via Diaz, 78/80 and it’s located in a cute street in the centre of Como.

You can sit inside but also outside on the terrace which is located opposite the cafe. Its a lovely spot in the middle of beautiful buildings, plus you can do some people watching whilst waiting for your ultimate burger to arrive!




All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Honest Burger – Honestly delicious

Have you been craving that burger for a while? I know, sometimes you just have to satisfy your cravings to finally put your mind at peace and allow yourself that treat you deserve! But if you are going to treat yourself you might as well do it with a healthy conscience! And I think the burgers at Honest Burger in London is perfect for those moments.

The classic burger is full of flavour. When you hold it tight in-between both hands and finally take that first bite an explosion of real and honest flavours are released. The bun is soft from the inside but crispy from the outside. Served with their crispy home-made rosemary chips they are the perfect combination for an honest and flavoursome burger! Even for the veggies under us there is a delicious vegetarian option available! A burger home-made with market vegetables and complimented with a fresh coriander, cucumber and yoghurt dressing. – my favourite!

The best thing is, you leave the restaurant with a satisfied feeling, not greasy, not overly full, not bloated, but satisfied and happy! -Happy you finally satisfied that burger craving and you don’t even have to feel guilty!

Vegetarian burger- Honest Burger, South Kensington, London