Another day, another climb at The Climbing Hangar in London!

Since living in London I have discovered a passion for climbing! Bouldering to be precise! – Yep, some real monkey business! After a few session I bought my shoes and went looking for a climbing wall nearest to me. And I discovered the perfect place! Hidden in a small side street in Fulham! At first you believe you are walking towards a street full of garages, but walk a bit further and you will see the door to a monkey playground!


My favourite bar of all times!! – Clif Bar

The extremely friendly staff will soon become your climbing buddies and will help you in anyway needed! Besides being extremely nice they also make a decent cup of coffee! – Next to coffee they also serve tea and hot chocolate of course! (But you know I am a coffee freak!) They also have all kinds of snacks and home made bars to give you that little extra energy kick when you are planning to climb like a real monkey! And when you think it can’t become any better they sell the best energy bar of all times! I am extremely picky with energy bars as I feel they are either unhealthy, sugary or don’t give you energy at all. But Clif Bars are healthy and delicious! And I actually feel energised! Combine a bar with a macchiato and you are good to go! Check the bars out on , they are amazing!


It may look small at first but you will soon realise it is divided into three floors! Walk to the top floor and there is a stretching area, fully equipped with yoga matts and equipment to help you get your workout done! It’s perfect for all levels and ages – think of birthday parties! And shoes and chalk (all you need!) can be hired for a small fee!

So do you feel like feeling like a child again? Or just like monkeying around? Go to The Climbing Hangar in Fulham, trust me, you’ll love it!

Closest tube station: Parson Green. For more info visit


Day five – Climbing and brownies

What a better morning to start with a coffee and a brownie! Honestly, if you are strolling around in Chelsea go and visit a little cafe named Brownie Box. I walked passed it a 100 times but never went inside as it never really caught my attention. Until the day when I was stressed and late for uni, slept for 2 hours, still half in my pyjamas and completely soaked as a car drove past me on the exact moment I ran next to a huge pond of water.. That was the moment I didn’t really care anymore and decided I would get a coffee and a brownie instead. Best. decision. ever.

Their Illy coffee is the definition of a perfect coffee. Strong, sweet and creamy. Combine that with one of their many different flavoured freshly home made brownies and no one will be able to wipe that smile of your face! No one!

Soya Latte and a coconut and date brownie 


Brownie Box, Old Brompton Rd, Kensington


So, climbing. I know right it looks like a children’s playground, well it is! Remember those climbing places at school where you could show off to your friends how high you can get, well this is exactly the same – at least with the competitive friends I have..and maybe a bit of competitiveness from my side too.. Which makes it even more fun as you really make your body go through a hardcore full body workout! While climbing you burn a lot of calories and you will find muscles that you didn’t even knew you had before! Honestly, an amazing workout and so much fun! – Especially for those who get bored in the gym, you wont even notice you are exercising, just climb little monkey, climb!


Nike trousers and sports bra 



Today I went to a climbing gym named Stronghold Climbing Gym, which is located in Tottenham Hale, London. They only opened their doors not too long ago but I can honestly say it is my favourite climbing gym in London so far! Great routs – for both beginners and the professionals under us – great atmosphere, very spacious and light, good workout space and overall just an amazing place! – cheap too! Especially for those lucky students!!

You guys should definitely go and visit, common, be a monkey for a day! You’ll love it!!

Stronghold Climbing Gym, London 


Favourite magazine + lots and lots of coffee.



Todays words were coffee, coffee, work and more coffee!

The reason for my large amount of coffee cravenness (apart from being a total coffee freak, no seriously, offer me a good espresso and il love you forever) is that I am extremely close to my final deadline! So making sure I have enough coffee stored up at home is an important deal right now!!

I like to wake up with a good warm cup of coffee, and to make my morning even more perfect I had my all time favourite magazine to read while sipping on this golden delight. Suitcase Magazine is the magazine that talks about all my passions in one, fashion, photography, food and travel! – I know right! When I first read it I couldn’t believe it either!! Trust me, once you read it you’ll be buying a new trendy bikini while getting your passport ready to check in for the next flight to an island somewhere in Bali.



After work work work, it was finally lunch time!! And what’s better than having sushi for lunch!! You can wake me up anytime for this tofu poke bowl and some avocado maki, anytime.



When your eye starts twitching you know you’ve been staring at a screen for too long, especially after having a caffeine overdose from all those coffee’s I have been downing today. Time to let that energy out by climbing on random walls upside down to then fall down on a matt while random people stare at you risking your life. No but honestly.. its so much fun and an amazing full body work out!! Every single time I go bouldering I leave exhausted, satisfied and happy as a child having completed that one route I couldn’t manage to do last time!! Definitely recommended for a fun and powerful workout!!

Today I went bouldering at the Climbing Arch in Chelsea. Wearing my favourite sport leggings in the whole wide world!! They are from a brand named Lululemon Athletica. Love love love them!!