The loveliest ‘Secret Spot’ in Canggu, Bali


The Secret Spot is definitely a little secret spot that you have to check out when you are in Canggu. As soon as you walk in you’ll notice it’s cosiness and the fresh atmosphere due to the green palms which are placed around the cafe. I personally love sitting outside on the roof terrace which allows you to have a look out over a lovely view while you’re drinking your coffee.



At this cafe you can always find a quiet spot to read a book in the corner or you can sit outside and enjoy the sun while playing the guitar. However, if you have a little bit of a sweet tooth then you’ll definitely fall in love with this place! The Secret Spot is specialised in frozen yoghurt! And oh my are they delicious! You can even personalise your frozen yoghurt by choosing any of the delicious toppings, so you can make it as healthy or naughty as you want.


What to have

I personally love coming for breakfast or to have a quick coffee or snack. They serve all kinds of delicious raw snacks and of course their frozen yoghurt is a lovely treat (for non-vegans).  The coffee they serve here is absolutely delicious and that is why the non-vegans under us need to try the Affogato as it is out of this world. However, as I said the coffee here really is delicious and it’s definitely a good spot to come for a quick caffeine pickup!

For breakfast I personally love the Chia pod with mango compote topped with granola and strawberries. The mango compote is so refreshing as well as tangy and the granola gives a nice crunch to all the soft flavours and textures. Especially in Bali it’s amazing to start with a refreshing breakfast and this is perfect!




Where to go

The Secret Spot is open everyday from 8am-10pm and the address is Jl. Pantai Berawa no. 44 in Canggu.

So before heading out for a surf get yourself a delicious breakfast and a coffee at this secret spot so you’ll be ready to take on the waves!


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Top 4 breakfast cafes in Canggu, Bali

As you might know I have been waking up in Bali for the last month! And currently I live in a trendy place named Canggu. Its also known as a surfer paradise but in between the palm trees and surf boards you will find the cutest cafes! Here they will serve home-made, organic, fresh, vegan and all kind of different and healthy products! For me this is food paradise!

And as you might know my favourite time of the day is breakfast time! – I get wayyyy too excited!!

So I thought I would share with you 4 of my favourite cafes to enjoy a good and healthy breakfast at!

Matcha Cafe

This cafe serves amazing meals that are made of ingredients that are sourced from local farms as well as being organic and home made. They definitely serve the best matcha! Which they use in all kind of ways! Enjoy a matcha latte with home-made coconut milk or start your day with Matcha Nutella pancakes!

Matcha Cafe – Matcha Nutella Pancakes

The Shady Shack 

This cafe serves only delicious vegetarian meals! Under the palm trees you will enjoy a chai latte with home made almond milk! Order one of their amazing freshly made açaí bowls topped with tropical fruit and home-made granola and enjoy the view over the rice fields!

The Shady Shack 

The Spicy Coconut 

The Spicy Coconut only serves vegan meals made with local products. The cafe is extremely cute and the food is delicious! The perfect place to enjoy a healthy breakfast or lunch! Order the ‘Power bowl’ in order to start your day of with some good energy!

The Spicy Coconut – ‘Power bowl’

Peloton Supershop

This cafe only serves meals that are plant based and focus on being planet friendly! Within the cafe you will find a bicycle shop which just adds a little fun but also adds to a conscious lifestyle! Their food is amazing and the atmosphere is lovely!

Peloton Supershop – Acai Bowl

If you think that I should try a specific cafe or you have any tips comment below! Let me know where my next breakfast should be! X

My morning waking up in Bali

Whether you wake up from a tropical rain or the sun shining on your face, any kind of day is a beautiful day in Bali. And I love to start the day with a good routine in order to wake up my body and mind!

The most important meal of the day also happens to be my favourite! I generally get way too excited for breakfast and so I love to go to new places and try all kind of deliciousness! At the moment I am staying in Canggu and I have to admit that one of my favourite breakfast places here is Peleton Supershop. I love getting the green acai bowl to have a sweet treat but also get those greens in!

There is one more thing I have to admit… “Hi my name is Britt and I have a coffee addiction”. No but really, offering me a hot, smooth and perfect cup of coffee is THE way to put a smile on my face! So starting with a coffee in the morning is for me the perfect start of the day!

Acai Bowl at Peleton Supershop 

Before or after breakfast I love to give my body a good stretch! I have always loved yoga but since I moved to Bali it has become a big part of my life and is now part of my daily routine. My body feels more flexible, lighter and overall healthier and it has worked miracles on my mind. Everyone has ups and downs in life, thats what makes us human. I recently went through a down period in my life and I now found that meditation and yoga really performs miracles. Its now become part of who I am and it helped me get through those down days! For anyone that is reading this and also has these down days once in a while (which is everyone as we all have these days) then I highly recommend you to try some meditation or yoga. Go to a class or even do it at home by yourself – even if its for 10 minutes! Open up a youtube video and get going, you won’t know if it works unless you try right?

Yoga at Desa Seni 

I love early mornings. I wake up drink my warm water with fresh lemon and get going to either my yoga class or when I am too excited I make my way to breakfast! There are many beautiful places here in Bali to enjoy – amazing and healthy breakfast spots or yoga retreats to cleanse your mind and stretch your body! Check out my other articles to find out more about these spots!


An early protein rich breakfast in Canggu, Bali

Canggu is known to be a popular surfing spot. With beautiful beaches and amazing waves you will end up spending many days with your feet in the sand. But with some good surfing sessions a good breakfast or lunch definitely a must!

At Eden cafe you can have the perfect early morning breakfast and get energised for another beautiful day! It opens at 7 am in the morning, which is perfect for those who want to fuel up before or after a surfing session! Many meals are protein rich, healthy and filling breakfasts giving you a good amount of energy!

Cappuccino – Eden Cafe

As soon as you walk in you get served a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is a great start to your morning. This drink is proven to have all kind of health benefits such as cleansing your system, boosting your immune system and getting you energised! Definitely off to a good start!

A healthy green juice is of course also a perfect way to start your morning. Many people might choose coffee, however at this cafe I recommend you to get one of their delicious juices or smoothies instead. The ‘Matcha Sunrise’ (25k Idr/ 1.40 Gbp) is one of their green juices with delicious coconut water and orange juice. This drink is super refreshing especially on a summery morning or after a fun night at Old Mans when you need a little detoxifying!

Mint Choco Chip Smoothy – Eden Cafe

A delicious smoothie that I recommend is called the ‘Mint Choco Chip smoothy’! (Regular size costs 40k Idr/ 2.30 Gbp) Its creamy, fresh due to the mint, with a hint of cacao, which doesn’t cover too much of the other flavours. Its definitely a must try and I have never tasted these combinations of flavours before. The 100% cocoa tastes very raw and the avocado creates a smooth texture. It does taste like a very healthy smoothy but the cacao gives that sweet taste! Perfect combination!

Power porridge – Eden Cafe

Their most famous brekkies are named ‘Sunny Side Up’ and ‘Breakfast Scramble’, which definitely stand out on the menu. But for a great protein rich breakfast try the ‘Power porridge’ (45k Idr/ 2.50Gbp). This porridge is filled with apple and chia seeds. It’s sweet and smooth with nuts sprinkled on top giving it a crunchy texture. Together with the fresh fruit its a nice combination.

Another good and protein rich breakfast are the ‘Protein Pancakes’ (50k Idr/ 2.80 Gbp). They are made out of eggs, oats, chia, cinnamon, flax seeds and ricotta cheese. Soft and fluffy of texture but crunchy on the outside. The accompanied banana ice-cream is a nice touch and adds flavour and contrast.

Protein pancakes – Eden Cafe
Eden Cafe

Eden Cafe  has a really nice morning vibe and is definitely very tasty! They serve good quality on a great budget! It has a great atmosphere and its perfect for the early surfers!

Eden Cafe is open everyday from 7am – 6pm

Their address is: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.8, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali


Breakfast at the 1st Banana Flour Bakery, Canggu Bali

When you live in Bali it is easy to adapt to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Positive vibes seem to take over the island and creates this energy that you have never felt before. In fact, the energy is so strong that you never want to live without it anymore. I believe this is one of the reasons why you meet so many amazing people when you start living in this beautiful place. People are passionate about what they do and about life itself – but then again when you live in Bali its hard not to wake up with a smile on your face! Nevertheless, people always seem to return to this beautiful place and tend not to leave – instead they built up their lives here full of passion and happiness!

Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali

The perfect example is the owner of a cafe named Made’s Banana Flour Co. Four years ago she returned to Canggu for the second time and found herself walking over the beach creating the idea of opening the first banana flour bakery! And whats a better place to open it right here in Canggu!

Since then she pursued her dream and opened the doors to her cafe only a year ago! These days its already considered to be one of the trendiest cafes in Canggu and it is the first ever banana flour bakery!

As soon as you walk into the tiny but extremely cute cafe you can feel an amazing vibe. You can feel that passion has been put in this place but also in the food that is being made. An amazing atmosphere is being created in the kitchen and an echo of laughter makes its way through the cafe. Banana bread is made with a smile while everyone joins in singing an Indonesian song – this food is definitely made with love!

Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali
Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali

Every dish on their exciting menu is made with banana flour and is 100% gluten free. The flour itself is produced from green bananas from local farmers. Hereby they support locals by buying what is left over from the harvest. These bananas are high in resistant starch and are basically sugar-free! Research even showed that increased resistant starch intake may reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and colon cancer – this cafe is definitely supporting a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Made’s Banana Flour Co – Canggu Bali

As I mentioned before their menu is full of vibrant and healthy dishes! But as its all made with banana flour everything has its own twist. A MUST try are the matcha banana pancakes. (They are full of flavour and extremely fluffy! You get a hint of banana and the matcha flavour is perfectly balanced and not too overpowering. Drizzle them with maple syrup and you will find yourself in breakfast heaven!

Matcha banana pancakes – Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali

However, their home made bread is also definitely something special. The bread is soft from the inside but has a crunchy crust. You can get a hint of the banana flavour but this does not become too overpowering. Its absolutely delicious and definitely the most special bread I have ever tasted. Order the avocado on toast and it will definitely make your morning! The smooth avocado is full of flavour and is a PERFECT match with the crunchy bread with a hint of banana! They also sell loafs of bread for you to take and enjoy at home!

To top of your perfect breakfast you should definitely try one of their amazing cappuccinos with coconut milk (30k Idr / 1.70 Gbp). When you take your first sip you will received a pleasant surprise! The coconut milk has little pieces of rasped coconut creating a smooth but textured milk. I honestly never thought that it would work but it actually creates an amazing drink – coffee with a twist!

Avocado on toast – Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali
Fresh bread – Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali

Made’s Banana Bakery does not only put its passion in their food, but also in helping people around us. They supply their bananas from local farmers but are also busy in building local schools for homeless children that found themselves with no particular skill. To help them they will be taught skills such as baking in order to help them prepare for their future. If you would like to support them then you can already show this by simply buying this cool t-shirt, which you will find in their cafe!

Pre-made mixes- Made’s Banana Flour Co ,Canggu Bali

Once you visit I can guarantee you that you cannot get enough of their banana deliciousness! So why not take home their recipe and bake some yourself! In the cafe you can buy all kind of pre-made mixes and become a pro chef in your own kitchen!

I definitely recommend you to visit this beautiful cafe. Sit down or even take home some of their delicious breads or cakes and enjoy their freshly made goodness!

They are open Monday to Saturday from 8am – 6pm and Sundays from 8am – 5pm.

The address is: 41 Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali 

The Matcha Cafe – a little piece of Matcha heaven in Bali

Who knew that a little piece of matcha paradise could be found just around the corner! This special cafe is located in Canggu and welcomes any matcha lover!

If you aren’t part of the matcha club yet lets get you informed a little about the great green power – and soon you will be part of the fan club!

Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea which has its very unique taste but also its very unique powers. This green powder is filled with antioxidants, in-fact it has seven times that of dark chocolate and sixty times that of spinach! It is also known to be an anti-ager, lowers LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol, supports weight loss, it detoxifies and its very high in fiber which stabilises blood sugar levels. It also consists of amino acid L-theanine, which combined with the naturel caffeine found in the powder creates a slow release of energy over the next 3-6 hours after consuming – unlike coffee which releases energy in more of kick form leaving you feel energised for about 1-1.30 hours.

If thats not enough to convince you let me tell you that it also tastes absolutely delicious! The powder can be used in many ways and forms creating the most tasty products.

And I know just the place for you to try all kind of matcha deliciousness! – Welcome to Matcha Cafe (or what I like to call Matcha Heaven!)


Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu

As soon as you set step into the cafe you notice the calm and fresh ambiance. Its location is beautiful as you are surrounded by green rice fields, which you overlook due to its open interior. The fresh white and matcha green interior gives a natural, bright and calm atmosphere.

They opened their doors only 6 weeks ago and is already one of the trendiest places in Canggu. The owner has a background in design and has an amazing eye for detail, which you notice not only in the interior but also in the menu and the presentation of the dishes. You automatically feel that you are in a place that serves clean and healthy products. The owner expressed that he wanted to have a small cafe that made you feel at home, and that is exactly the feeling you get. The owners character is reflected in the design and you can feel his energy and passion in the food.

Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu

With a slight breeze flowing through the cafe you sit comfortably in one of the seats awaiting to set eyes on their incredible menu.

The menu is definitely the most interesting one I have seen in any of the cafes I have visited so far in Canggu. From delicious smoothy bowls, matcha pancakes and matcha banana bread to matcha Gnocchi – thats right matcha GNOCCHI! – Definitely a must try!

The amazing thing is that most of their ingredients are sourced from local farms as well as being organic and home made. They also make their coconut milk fresh every morning – and that you can really taste.

You must try the Matcha Latte with coconut milk. I usually find that coconut milk sweetens your beverage overpowering the matcha flavour. But in this case no sweeteners are added so the milk is pure. Leaving you with the perfect latte which has a real matcha flavour.

Matcha Latte – Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu
Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu
Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu

As mentioned before the details that make up this cafe are incredible. Even the ceremonial tea is served in handmade cups and teapots crafted by locals. With hot water in one cup and matcha powder in the other you mix your matcha tea with a traditional bamboo whisk.

If you really want to taste the quality and delicious taste of the matcha you have to try this tea. The ritual of making the tea yourself adds to the experience and gives you the opportunity to personalise your drink as to whether you like it strong or weak.  

Matcha Ceremonial tea – Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu


The ‘Matcha Nutella Pancakes’ (60k Idr/ 3.30 gbp) are also a must try. They are gluten and dairy free but on request can also be made vegan. They are incredibly fluffy and full of flavour.

This plate is accompanied by delicious matcha ice-cream and the pancakes are drizzled with home-made healthy ‘Nutella’ – the ‘Nutella’ is made purely from hazelnuts and cacao, which gives a beautiful, raw and chocolatey delight to your pancake. Add a little granola to your spoonful for some crunchiness creating the perfect combination.

‘Matcha Nutella pancakes’- Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu

Another MUST try is their vegan ‘Matcha banana bread’. This banana bread is made with a special finishing touch! The bread is soft from the inside but as they toast it on both sides the outsides texture is deliciously crispy!

Best banana bread you will ever taste! It has a beautiful and comforting taste, served with a coconut cream and jam that will blow your mind.

A promotion that they have at the moment is one coffee/matcha latte + banana bread for only 50k Idr, which is about 2.80 gbp. – The perfect breakfast or snack!

Vegan ‘Matcha banana bread’ – Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu
Smoothie bowl ‘Matcha Acai Boost’ & ‘Matcha tropical’ smoothie – Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu

A great feature that this cafe has is that they do not add any sugars – this brings out the natural taste of the matcha. I believe that in many places which serve matcha products unnecessarily sweeten the products to the point where the sweetness overrules the matcha flavour. But in Matcha Cafe’s products you don’t only benefit of the matcha goodness but you also get its real flavour.

However, next to serving top quality matcha they also serve top quality coffee. I have to be honest, as a coffee lover I enjoy a good espresso or cappuccino daily. But it has been difficult trying to find a really good coffee since my arrival in Canggu- one to come back for.

But not to worry fellow coffee lovers, because I found it! Matcha Cafe roasts their coffee in Indonesia and is freshly roasted twice a month. The difference between this coffee and the normal coffee you get in Bali is the fact that this coffee is a medium dark roast, unlike the light roast you get everywhere else. Making their coffee stand out as its full of flavour, bitter to the right point and most importantly NOT watery. Soon they will be selling their grounded coffee in bags so you can enjoy a delicious coffee at home!

Espresso accompanied by mini Matcha Madeline – Matcha Cafe Bali, Canggu

They are open for you to enjoy a matcha rich breakfast and lunch, but soon they might keep their doors open in the evening too – who wouldn’t want a matcha infused dinner!

It’s definitely a place that you must visit when in Canggu. But honestly you can’t just visit once, you will be craving for more matcha goodness and find yourself back in no time! (I know I will)

So I can honestly say Matcha Cafe, WE LOVE YOU SO MATCHA!

They are open everyday from 7.30am – 4pm 

Matcha Cafe is located in Canggu Berawa, Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99