Coffee cravings at Hungry Bird in Canggu, Bali.

Who knew that just around the corner there was a cafe that fulfilled any coffee lovers dream! The owner is an award winning barista, which comes as no surprise! The coffee is delicious, full of flavour, nutty and comforting. Even the smell of the grounded coffee hits your nose as soon as you walk into the cute cafe, making any coffee lover feel straight at home.

This is definitely the place to go to if you want a good cup of coffee. You also have a choice between several different types of milk as well as a menu full of differently styled coffees. You can go traditional with a nice cappuccino or get a little more creative and order a ‘Mocha Almond’.


Hungry Bird, Canggu


Even though you might just come for the delicious coffee you might want to stay a little longer and get some breakfast! The menu has a variety of vibrant dishes. Plates are full of colour and you can taste the goodness in every bite. Leaving both your body and mind happy and satisfied!


Hungry Bird, Canggu


Overall they have an amazing service, lovely people, mind-blowing coffee and delicious food. And as your mind and body are happy, so is your wallet! For everything you get the prices are great! I had an amazing breakfast and ordered a caffe latte with coconut milk (25.000 idr / 1.40 pounds).


Hungry Bird, Canggu

Getting hungry already? Or are those coffee cravings kicking in? Quickly make your way to Hungry Bird where all your breakfast dreams will come true!

They are open everyday from 08:00–17:00 apart from Sundays!